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We serve schools to shape the next generation of purpose-filled leaders.

Align your people to your purpose through our hiring, compensation, succession, and culture solutions for schools.

Build your team

Align your people to your school's purpose.

Hire the right people. Pay them well. Plan for the future. Build a culture that lasts. 

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We help you build your best team by finding key staff members that are the best fit for leading your school. From job description to offer letter, we're with you every step of the way.

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Will your school be ready when a key leader steps down? We guide schools through planning for the future and building a lasting legacy.

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How do you know if you're fairly paying your staff? We use a robust database drawn from national research to help you determine the best pay structure for your team.

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Healthy teams drive healthy schools. We'll guide you toward health with our customized consulting solutions for schools with a greater purpose.

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We help you build a winning school culture through an extensive consulting process to determine how to help you build and keep a great team.

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Our free tools are a starting point to helping you build your best team. Measure your culture with The Culture Tool and find out how much a bad hire costs with our Bad Hire Calculator.

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