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Succession Planning
With A Greater Purpose

Pastor, headmaster, director, or CEO...every leader is an interim leader.

Build a lasting legacy for yourself and your organization through succession planning.

Plan for the future. Build a lasting legacy.

We're so passionate about succession planning that we literally wrote the book on it: Next: Pastoral Succession That Works. What started as a desire to help pastors feel more comfortable bringing up the important topic of succession has developed into helping churches, schools, nonprofits, and values-based businesses plan for the future and build lasting legacies.

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Uncover your DNA

We visit with you in-person to learn everything about you, your church's DNA, and the specific challenges facing your succession. We utilize a proprietary tool that will help us develop a custom plan for your specific needs.

Collaborate with your team

We work with you to distill the key components that we'll use to build your unique succession plan and set up your church for a healthy future. We'll craft a personalized and customized pastoral succession plan according to your church's unique situation.

Develop a plan

We will craft and present to you a customized succession plan for you and your church including a timeline, communication strategy, and step-by-step help for what to expect during your transition.

Implementation of plan

Beyond the plan, we work with you to implement every piece of it: timeline, change management, and compensation packages. We are your trusted advisor to set up you and your organization for long-term health.

"The process that the Mariners elders, the Mariners search team, and the Vanderbloemen team designed gave all of us an opportunity to get to know one another, to have focused conversations, and to prayerfully discern the Lord's leading."


Round Headshots

Eric Geiger

Lead Pastor, Mariners Church

Case Study: Northridge Church in Rochester, NY

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Case Study: Mariners Church in Irvine, CA

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