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Vanderbloemen serves teams with a greater purpose by aligning their people solutions for growth through executive search, compensation, succession, and diversity consulting. For over a decade, we have helped Christian organizations of all sizes and types find their key staff. Now, we are more equipped than ever to help you build your best team so that you can achieve your mission.

Right By Your Side

There’s a saying in the Marines that we love to try and mirror as we serve you: “Mission Ready.” We are fully focused on you - always ready to serve you and help guide you along the path of a search. That’s why our entire team is full-time. That’s why we make “Ridiculous Responsiveness” our core value and signature. But we aren’t just ready, we are equipped. We have more theological training than any search firm on the planet. We’ve also gotten in more repetitions than anyone. With over 25,000 face-to-face interviews, more than 2,500 completed searches, and a core value of Constant Improvement, we are on a mission to help you navigate whatever is ahead of you. We are fully committed to our mission so that you can be fully committed to yours.

Transplants Not Transactions

The secret to a successful organ transplant is a careful and thorough tissue match. After all, you can put a healthy heart into a healthy body, and if the tissue doesn’t match, it’s a bad ending for everyone. Filling the open role on your team is just like that. To us, search isn’t about finding talented resumes and sending them along. Rather, it’s a transplant, and our specialty is becoming a student of you: learning your DNA, analyzing candidates, and discovering your unique tissue match. William often says that after serving thousands of churches, he is convinced that “if you have seen one church...you’ve seen about one church.” Every single search and every single team is unique. We are committed to learning about you and helping you discover a team member that feels like long lost family.

We’ve Led The Way

Vanderbloemen was born out of a holy discontent. William spent the first leg of his career as a Senior Pastor of churches of all sizes. He knew firsthand that churches usually take at least a year to find their new pastor, and that far too often, the new pastor isn’t a match for the church. In 2008, William saw the large corporation he worked for find its new CEO in 90 days. They used something he had never seen: a search firm. That spurred a question in him: “Why does the business world have a better solution than the Bride of Christ?” He quit his job and set out to build something new for the Church. Since then, that holy discontent has grown into a movement. Vanderbloemen has led that movement by helping churches and today all organizations that have Jesus at their core. We have completed thousands of searches and succession plans in nearly every US state and 6 countries. We are on a mission to give Jesus-centered teams every people solution they need to go farther and faster.

Serving your team so you can go farther and faster.

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"Changes bring questions, and questions can cause confusion. In such times, a fresh perspective is invaluable. Vanderbloemen has provided this counsel for thousands of churches - including ours."

Max Lucado
Senior Pastor, Oak Hills Church

"The process that the Mariners elders, the Mariners search team, and the Vanderbloemen team designed gave all of us an opportunity to get to know one another, to have focused conversations, and to prayerfully discern the Lord's leading. The team from Vanderbloemen provided my wife, Kaye, and me a safe place to process and ask questions along this important journey."

Eric Geiger
Lead Pastor, Mariners Church

"The Vanderbloemen process is what worked. Once we got into it and understood how they would conduct the search - and the fact that they asked us so many questions on the front end about the role and what the ideal candidate would and wouldn't look like - we realized their process was priceless."

Jim Sheppard
Principal, Generis

"What I found most valuable was the Vanderbloemen consultant's expertise and level of preparation."

Meredith Ramey
Director of Human Resources, Luis Palau Association

"If you're in a leadership position and teetering on the edge, thinking that you want to take action, but don't know how I would say that would be the ideal time to reach out to Vanderbloemen. That's where we were and they did a fantastic job working with us."

Pete Kelly
CEO, Apartment Life

"Vanderbloemen introduced us to candidates that we would've never come across. You also helped us further what we were looking for in a headmaster. We also didn't have to spend the extra time ourselves looking through all of the resumes or sitting in meetings."

Dr. Donald Schmidt
Chairman, Lakeland Christian Academy

"Vanderbloemen really listened. They worked hard to get to know us, and that opened up our relationship."

Teri Cober
Board Member, Westminster Christian Academy

"The one area we were pleasantly surprised with was Vanderbloemen helped us hire our next head of school and helped us look inwardly at ourselves to think through the way we operate to help going forward, and other areas of growth."

John Krekoska
Chairman, Board of Trustees at Christian Heritage School

"So thankful for the steps Vanderbloemen had in place throughout the process."

Greg Poss
Executive Pastor, Embassy City Church

"The Vanderbloemen process was objective, took us out of our comfort zone, and opened us up to things we never would have found through our normal channels. I strongly recommend this process.”

Wanda Hill
Search Committee Co-Chair, Union Baptist Church

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