4 Ways To Attract The Best Talent For Your Church Staff


The search committee has been formed, the job description has been made, and your search for a senior leader is on. How do you know your church is an attractive place in the eyes of the most qualified candidates? Here are a few pointers on how to make your church a coveted place to work.

1. Spend More Money on Less People – Many of the healthiest, most growing churches are spending more money on less people. Quality, higher-salary candidates may cost a few more dollars in the short-term, but many churches find these team members are more likely to make a higher impact in the long-term. High capacity leaders are team builders who will build effective teams of ministry volunteers around them, which allows the staff to replicate itself among the church body.

2. Provide Relocation Accommodations – The best talent may not be right outside your front door. Your search for the right church leader may extend beyond your city or state. Providing relocation services relieves part of the stress the candidate or their spouse may be feeling. Removing this obstacle for the family will speak volumes to high capacity candidates.

3. Encourage Continuing Education – If your budget allows, provide your ministry team with the opportunity to take classes or pursue a post-graduate degree. This fosters a culture that values lifetime learning and enables your church staff to bring new ideas to the table.

4. Celebrate a Work-Life Balance – Encourage your employees to use their vacation days and spend time resting and rejuvenating. The best candidates will have a strong work ethic, but pushing them too hard will cause them to burn out too quickly. Plan team activities and retreats outside the office for your team to recenter itself after a long week of work.

These are just a few of many characteristics the most qualified candidates will want in their ideal workplace.

What are other ways your church staff creates a culture that attracts the best talent?