5 Ways To Get Motivated


You have been staring at your screen – or maybe your wall – for the last hour. You check your phone. You walk around the church office. You think about that sermon or missions project, but for some reason, executing it is proving to be an arduous task. As the end of the day rolls around, you decide you need a new day and a fresh start. You’ll make it happen tomorrow.

The problem is that’s exactly what you told yourself yesterday. And the day before.

How do you get past a motivational slump? A recent post from The Daily Muse inspires us with five tips:

1. Identify the Task: It’s easy to get stuck when you don’t know what you’re doing. Clearly identifying what you need to get accomplished may be the first step in making the end goal manageable. Break down each step in a to-do list. Don’t be afraid to write down things you’ve already finished. The sense of accomplishment will motivate you to keep going.

2. Identify the Significance: Some projects you work on or tasks you do may appear to have little significance and thus, it’s difficult to find motivation to do them. For those less-than-desirable tasks, assign each one significance. Although it may not be life changing, there’s always something beneficial to each step of the process.

3. Mix it Up: Routine can get old fast. By simply changing the order which you do things, your brain will be re-inspired by the shift. Go for a walk or change the environment where you work for a fresh dose of motivation.

4. Search Out Feedback: Hearing ideas or encouragement from a teammate, manager, pastor or volunteer is an easy way to spark some motivation. When you see your project through the lens of another person, you’re more likely to see the great things you’ve already done or notice holes that need to be filled.

5. You’re Not Alone: Chances are you aren’t on your own. You may be working with a team and in some ways, the accountability a group of people brings to a project is irreplaceable. However, sometimes carving out space to work and process on your own may open up new ideas and increase your sense of responsibility.

If you’re still feeling a lack of motivation, talk to someone about it. Who around you seems to always be motivated? How do they stay energized and focused? Invite others into the process. Pray for fresh eyes. Motivational roadblocks are a part of every ministry role and the more you persevere, the stronger you’ll be to tackle the next one – or help someone else who gets stuck in the future. Take a deep breath. You’ve got this.

How do you motivate yourself when you face a motivational roadblock?