A Reservation For The Unwelcome


If Jesus built a parking lot for his congregation, he would probably copy one from this spot of a church I once served.

The property at Cypress Creek is adjacent to the County Courthouse. That affords the church benefits like folks leaving the courthouse needing prayer, 24/7 security, & lots of free additional Sunday parking.

But maybe best benefit of all is this parking spot that they get to use (from the County lot).

In all of my travels with executive search work, I have never run across a better reserved spot in a church. For about two years, I parked right next to it every Sunday and laughed about every time.

I’m tempted to put up signs “reserved for prostitutes,” and another for “sinners,” just to round things out…

Honestly, if Jesus had a parking lot in his church, I believe this sign would be there. There wouldn’t be a sign reserving a spot for the Pastor, or anyone important. There would be a reservation for the unwelcome.

The church is supposed to be a place that doesn’t just tolerate new faces and people with baggage, but actually reserves a place for them.

Are you reserving a place for the tax collector in your church? In your heart? Got a better picture that paints the idea? Share it with me and join the conversation.