Why Church Leaders Should Be Originators


As an Executive Search Consultant for the Vanderbloemen Search Group, I’m a frequent flyer - constantly traveling to visit with church leaders about their church staff member searches. While I occasionally fly mid-morning or mid-afternoon, there is a serious advantage to getting up early and flying on what the airline industry calls an “originator.” It’s the plane that parked at the gate overnight and is scheduled first out in the morning.

It’s a sacrifice to get up that early, but it’s worth my time, energy, and expense to fly these “originator” routes because of several serious advantages, such as:

  1. On time departures
  2. Fewer people fly these routes
  3. Planes are fueled up and ready to roll
  4. Cabins are clean
  5. The pilots and crew members are alert & fresh
  6. Usually arrives early at the destination

On one of these originator flights recently, I began thinking: What would it mean for me to be an “originator” in my personal, spiritual, and professional life? And I realized that church and ministry leaders should strive to be originators.

Church leaders should be originators.Tweet: Church leaders should be originators. http://bit.ly/22uORpU via @VanderbloemenSG

What would it take to be an “originator” and what are the advantages that church leaders would gain?

1. On time departure.

Being an “originator” requires an early start. The most successful church leaders I know rise early, order and prioritize their day, and accomplish much with an on time departure. Originators maximize the minutes and create margin early in the day to develop successful leadership patterns.

2. Fewer people fly the routes.

Only a few can be labeled “originators.” Originators rise early, take "the road less traveled," and gain influence. The Bible says that Jesus rose early while it was still dark and went to a secluded place to be with the Father. Imagine the difference it would make to follow his example.

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3. Fueled up and ready to roll.

In life, it’s crucial to go to God first and spend quality time with Him, preparing your heart, soul, and mind for the demands of the day. Church leaders who are originators will rise early and fuel their life with His power, wisdom, and truth. So many ministry leaders run on empty, never taking time to refuel. If you, as a church leader, set the example for your church body and "fuel up" on Jesus before you start the day, you will be ready to roll spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. If you don't you risk the burnout that so many ministry leaders experience.

4. The cabin is clean.

They say confession is good for the soul. Originators are first up and first to their knees, confessing sin, asking for forgiveness, and admitting ultimate dependence on God. By doing this, they are allowing Him to clean the cabin of their lives and hearts. God is able to powerfully use church leaders with clean cabins.

5. Fresh pilots and crew members.

Originators are influencers. When you apply these “originator” principles to your life, your church staff and church leadership team will be encouraged and gain a fresh understanding of your vision. An invigorated team will help guide your organization to success.

To inspire your staff and the supporting cast of characters around you, lead by example.Tweet: To inspire your staff and the supporting cast of characters around you, lead by example. http://bit.ly/22uORpU via @VanderbloemenSG

6. Arrive early at the destination.

Originators gain perspective, create vision, and know the destination of the vision. Being out front will help you as a church leader lead and guide people to the goal on time if not early.  

How can you begin to set the example of being an originator at your church?

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