7 Questions To Ask Your Church Staff On A Bi-Annual Basis

7 Questions To Ask Your Church Staff On A Bi-Annual Basis.jpg

Leadership is more than casting vision. Effective leadership requires being hands-on and intentional about maintaining relationships with your staff.

To better engage your church staff, create a system of asking bi-annual questions. These questions can be general but should ultimately help you better understand the people who work under your leadership every day. I encourage you to cover these questions in your regular staff reviews as a way to ensure you're asking them on a consistent basis.

We’ve provided seven questions below that can help you accomplish this.

1. How is your work affecting your soul?

Work is deeply spiritual even if it's not directly work in a church or ministry. God designed humans to “subdue” the earth. From the very beginning, he designed us to work. If we believe that, then we have to understand that our work directly effects our spiritual health. 

If one of your staff members feels that their work is negatively influencing their spiritual health, take that as an opportunity to cast vision and encourage them in the work they are doing. It may also be time to consider that this might be the wrong position for the person.

2. Do you need a break?

It may seem basic, but this question can be extremely life-giving. There are many reasons why someone may need a break and decide not to take one. But if one of those reasons is they are too afraid to ask for time off, or aren’t sure how to, then this question takes those fears off the table.

As a leader, you should want your team to be rested, both spiritually and physically. This question gives you the opportunity to reinforce stewardship of life (one of our staff values here at Vanderbloemen). Be a leader that values work-life balance.

3. Are you being utilized to the best of your abilities?

As your staff members grow and develop in their positions, they may look to take on more responsibility or contribute more on a regular basis. Asking this question gives your team members a chance to talk about how they are growing in their position.

On the flipside, this can also allow for your staff member to talk through pieces of their job in which they feel inadequate. In this case, you have the chance to pour into this person and help them develop.

4. How can I (manager/director/pastor) partner with you to foster greater kingdom impact?

It’s too easy for church leaders to form silos, separating themselves from the reality of the work that God is doing through their church.

You should ask this question as a way to hold yourself accountable. Always look for opportunities to work side-by-side with your team. Seek out opportunities to help each of your staff lead people to new and deeper levels with Christ.

5. What are you doing to sharpen your gifts?

We should all be looking for ways to be moving forward. My relationship with Christ was explained to me as a descending ladder, and if all you do is hang on you’ll wind up at back at the starting point. We have to pursue growth every day, including in our work.

Whether it’s reading a book, taking online courses, or personal mentorship, encourage your team to grow every day.

6. What is something you feel like you are doing well?

This question is an easy opening for you to celebrate the work that your team is doing. Serving in full-time ministry can often be thankless, so take this opportunity to listen to your team talk about how God is using them, and celebrate with them.

Great leaders genuinely seek to affirm the strengths of their staff. Tweet: Great leaders genuinely seek to affirm the strengths of their staff. https://ctt.ec/9f4lo+ via @VanderbloemenSG

7. Where is God challenging you to grow?

First and foremost, ask yourself this question before you ask your staff. As I mentioned in a previous point, we should be pursuing growth daily. If you aren’t, then you need to be open to where God is pushing you to grow.

Many times when you ask this question, you will get no answer or a non-answer. This is okay! This question in particular doesn’t require an answer right away. It serves more as a reminder to be looking for God's work in your life.

What are some questions that you can be asking your staff to help them grow?