How To Attract New Staff


Organizations everywhere are finding it harder and harder to hire. It started with Covid, elevated by the great resignation, and continues with the great I’m not even applying. Some people started their own businesses, want to work from home, and some are just burnt out. This means hiring can’t continue as usual, some companies are taking drastic measures in that regard.

Amazon has recently built homes to attract new employees, pledging more than $2 billion over the next five years. Yahoo and Adobe both offer car washes and haircuts, while AOL has chair massages and nap rooms.

The challenge with extreme perks like that is what it takes to get them, it takes to keep them. You can’t offer free childcare like Patagonia does to attract an employee and take that away once the market shifts without losing those employees. And, after a while, they’re no longer felt as perks but as expected norms of working there and may easily be attracted to another organization’s new kickboxing perk.

While it is harder to find the right people for your team today, there are longer-lasting solutions to attracting new employees.


People want to do something that matters, something with purpose. One of the biggest benefits that a church, non-profit, or Christian school brings is the eternal mission they center around. By telling that story, people will want to be a part of what God is doing through your organization.


While your mission is the beacon to draw them in, your culture will win them over. Now, more than ever, people are looking at the culture of the team they’re going to be a part of. This isn’t about kickboxing and free hair cuts, this is about people. They want to be seen and they want to love coming to work each day. By setting a culture of value and care you’ll attract the best people.


Mission and culture are key, but organizations also need to make sure their salaries and benefits match the reality that employees live in. Not only will this attract great people, but if they’re not struggling financially they can focus more on your mission.


New work environments during Covid have changed the landscape of how and where people work. While many organizations are coming back into the office, employees want the flexibility that those environments brought. Work from home doesn’t work for many organizations, but flexible hours or added family time off could give them what they need.


When William Vanderbloemen saw a corporation find a new CEO in 30 days as he watched a church take over a year to find a Senior Pastor, he realized the church needed someone to come alongside them and help them when it came to church staffing. That has grown to us working with churches, schools, nonprofits, and for-profits that at their core is their faith in God. If you’ve tried some of these tips but haven’t found the right person, we’d be honored to come alongside you, and be your guide. Contact us and we’ll get started.

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