How To Say Goodbye To A Loved Pastor


Through the seasons, it is inevitable for every church to experience pastoral succession. Saying goodbye to a beloved Senior Pastor can be overwhelming and emotional. Though it may feel challenging, being prepared with a succession plan can help ease the transition. An important part of every succession plan should include guidelines on how to say farewell. Here are 4 ways that a church can say goodbye to a loved pastor. 


The Elder Board or governing group should create a communication plan that shares the upcoming change with the congregation empathically. Timely communication is vital because people are invested in the success of their churches and leadership teams. Keeping the congregation updated and offering frequent communication regarding succession should be a priority. Be sure to provide an opportunity for church members to recover from the surprising announcement of change and move forward by providing a Q&A to answer questions. The departing pastor should be included in creating the communication plan so that the information being shared is consistent with the overall goal of the transition.


One of the most important steps to take as a church is to pray for the pastor that is leaving. Prayer opportunities allow for the church as a whole to feel included in the succession process. Take a moment during church service to pray together for the future endeavors that the leadership member is embarking on. Ask the congregation to pray for the pastor throughout the week and share details so that they can be specific in their prayer requests. As Romans 12:12 reminds us, “Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.” Remind the church to trust Jesus with the transition and assure everyone that a structure is in place for effective ministry to continue. 

Say Thank You.

A genuine display of gratitude and appreciation shouldn't be overlooked. Farewell, appreciation messages are a great way for the entire church body to express gratitude. Provide blank thank-you cards during the services leading up to the departure, and set up a drop box for members to leave their messages. This is an affordable and easy way to say thank you that will give the departing pastor irreplaceable notes to take with them as they manage the difficulties of succession. Another great way to say thank you is to create an in-service video message that shows church members voicing their treasured memories and admiration.


Take the time to truly celebrate the departing pastor and show them how much they will be missed. Consider planning a celebration on their last Sunday on campus. Celebration events could include a church-wide potluck or an informal lunch. If your church has sufficient funds, coordinate a formal dinner for leadership members to express their appreciation. The celebration should reflect the genuine love and respect that the church has for the pastor. The pastor has blessed the church with their time and service, which is worth celebrating in a public and monumental way.

As you begin to pray for a peaceful and fruitful pastoral succession, we would love to help you as you plan for your church's future. We walk alongside leaders who are navigating succession and have resources readily available for your organization. Contact our team today.