6 Steps To Stronger Spiritual Maturity On Your Church Staff


Leading a church staff can be challenging, but making sure that your leaders are strengthening their relationship with the Lord so they can lead the church and the community is another challenge entirely. We have been called by God to continually grow in our faith, and it can be easy to forget about this when you work at a church every day.

2 Corinthians 9:6 says: “Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously.”

While this passage is usually used when referring to giving financially, I believe this can also be about giving your time and using your spiritual gifts that the Lord has given you to bring others closer to Him. To do this, we need to constantly be refreshed and focusing on God’s calling in our lives and the church.

Here are some ideas to encourage your church staff to help lead them in continually strengthening their spiritual maturity.

1. Have a weekly team devotional.

At Dave Ramsey’s Ramsey Solutions, all 500 staff members come together and do a devotional as a team once a week. Get together with your staff and go through a book of the Bible or a teaching series by an influential teacher in the Christian community. This does not have to be a long-winded ordeal; this can be a 30-minute session of prayer and reflection on where the Lord is guiding your church and how to constantly be working toward your mission and vision. This can be an encouraging and unifying time for your church staff.

2. Encourage community inside & outside your staff.

The Lord created us to be in relationship with one another. Encourage your team to be in a small group or whatever your church has to offer. Not only will this be a time for spiritual growth, this will give your staff people time to bond with others in your congregation outside your church staff.

Also, seek to build your staff cohesion by doing bi-monthly dinners together or having a fun leadership-staff retreat.

3. Know your staff.

This is easier said than done, because knowing someone takes intentionality. Here at Vanderbloemen, I have a bi-weekly meeting with my team leader. This is a time where I can learn how to improve on the job as well as a time to learn how to encourage one another in the day-to-day. When you meet with your staff members, see how you can encourage them in their personal & spiritual goals as well as their professional goals.

4. Encourage leadership of others.

If your staff members are being poured into, they can use that to pour into others as well.Tweet: If your staff members are being poured into, they can use that to pour into others as well. https://bit.ly/1qxeSHg via @VanderbloemenSG

The best thing I have ever been asked to do has been to step up and be a leader in many different stages in my life. I have led high school students, been a Children’s Ministry volunteer and a Worship volunteer, as well as led a small group of people my age through the Young Adults Ministry. I could never have done these things without someone encouraging me and pouring into me.

Encouraging your staff to step up and lead is not only building spiritual maturity on your staff, but it is also creating a trickle down effect for spiritual maturity in those they have been encouraged to disciple.

5. Create events for Spiritual Education.

Create times where your staff and leaders can learn more about their faith and beliefs. Have financial allowances set aside that can be used for spiritual development, whether that is for conferences or books. Have a church staff reading list. Bring in speakers for events specifically for your church staff.

6. Pray together.

Last, but not least, pray with your team. There is power in prayer. Have prayer partners where people can pray for each other throughout the week. Whether you are praying for healing or praying in thanksgiving you must pray with and for your team. Prayer creates unity and vision as well as welcoming the Lord to work through you, your team, and your church. We have been called to make disciples, but we also need the Lord to be the ultimate leader in the church and us as individuals.

How can you begin to strengthen the spiritual maturity of your church leadership team?

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