5 Ways To Keep Your Team's Energy Up During Easter Weekend

5 Ways To Keep Your Team's Energy Up During Easter Weekend.jpg

Easter is the most attended Sunday for churches across the country according to a 2012 Lifeway Research survey, surpassing Christmas services by 9%. It’s not a Sunday that typically brings in loads of unchurched people - in one study, 92% of people who never go to church will not attend Easter services - however, your staff will be putting in long hours preparing for the increased attendance.

So what ways can you help lift the spirits and energy on your team during this "marathon" period? Here are a few examples we’ve seen in some of our client churches to help their staff feel appreciated and cared for during this busy season: 

1. Provide accommodations.

Some churches (especially if you are in a big city) choose to have their Easter services offsite, meeting downtown or in a park across town. Consider providing hotel rooms to staff members who have to be up before sunrise to set up equipment and prepare for the services. It might allow them an extra hour of sleep and an easier time of getting to and from the venue.

This could also provide an opportunity for team bonding. Have a short get-together the night before at the hotel with the staff. They have worked hard to prepare and give their all on Sunday, help them to unwind a bit so they can have continued energy to serve the next morning.

2. Provide meals.

Many hours will be spent by your team at church preparing for services, practicing music, lining up volunteers, preparing displays and decorations, etc. Consider having food prepared and available to your church staff so they don’t have to go offsite. You could recruit volunteers to cook and serve a meal for those staying after hours, or have a catered lunch brought in. Set up a table with extra coffee, snacks, and energy drinks to provide an afternoon pick-me-up.

3. Offer flexibility.

Offer more flexibility in your team's work schedules during this time. If they stayed late one night working on children’s programming or preparing for the Good Friday service, invite them to come in a couple hours later the next day. Maybe a staff member is energized by occasionally working in a different environment; allow them the freedom to work from a coffee shop or home one or two days during Easter week.

4. Prioritize.

Recognize what tasks can wait until after Easter. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed by an ever-increasing to do list. Separate what has to be done now and what can wait, and help your staff to do the same. If you are a team leader, delegate tasks and make sure that no one is becoming too overloaded as Sunday grows closer.

5. Tell stories.

This is the most essential way to keep you staff energized and not feel overwhelmed. Keep you focus on the story, not the numbers or the work. Tell stories of how lives have been changed at your church on prior Easter Sundays. Keep Jesus, his sacrifice and resurrection, and the lives he continues to change front and center this season. More than any snacks, time off, or any other benefits, reminding your staff of why all of this work pays off will renew and reenergize them.

What tips do you have to serve your team well during this busy season?

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