3 Questions For Ministry Job Seekers


I read a study a while back that stated over 60% of Americans don't feel like their job is a fit for them. It went on to state that over half all US workers polled are between "unhappy" and "miserable" in their current job.

If you're considering a job change, or interviewing for a new position, I'd encourage you to be discerning, maybe even picky, when looking around. Finding a fit is rare, and it can be the difference maker in your new venture. The are a lot of questions to ask yourself about a job opportunity. Here are three that I have found really helpful:

1. Will I lie awake at night thinking about my new job? 

In other words, how passionate am I about the work this job would have me do? Staying up at night thinking about how to do work better can actually be a sign you are in a job that is in sync with the deep parts of your soul. If you are, you'll be able to withstand a whole lot of other imperfections in the job (and every job has them).

2. How much of my learning from past jobs will be put to use in this future job? 

In a perfect world, you should always take a job that you couldn't do without all of your previous experience. I spent fifteen years leading churches before going into corporate work with Human Resources at a Fortune 200 company. Then I learned the very best corporate practices of executive search in a faith-based setting. Now, I get to use everything I've learned in the past to help build a service for the future of the church. I could never do what I do now if I hadn't done everything I've done before now.

3. Does my new job have a culture that celebrates its teammates, or does the culture merely tolerate them? 

Does the employer you're considering have a track record of being a great place to work? Is it a place that tangibly shows appreciation for its employees? You're considering a change of venue, and in most cases it's a venue you'll spend more time in than anywhere else. You will likely spend more time during the week with the people you work with than you will with your own family. Do what you can to understand if the workplace is one you'll be excited about going to.

The answers to these three questions could make all the difference in your happiness, your work output, and your sense of fulfillment.

What questions do you ask yourself when evaluating whether or not a job opportunity may be a good fit?

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