5 Ways For Your Church Staff To Take Advantage Of The Holidays


The Christmas season can be quite a busy one for church teams. You’re decorating the sanctuary, preparing to have extra visitors, wrapping up giving campaigns, and planning Christmas Eve services

But amongst all of the chaos of this season, don’t miss the chance to minister to one another. This month provides many opportunities to find joy and peace together, and it can be a time of immense team building and renewal on a church-wide level.

Here are 5 ways for your church staff to take advantage of the Christmas season:

1. Play til the whistle blows.

Many church teams are working hard preparing for services up through Christmas Eve or even Christmas Day. As you work toward the finish line, remember that a time of rest is fast approaching for you! Encourage one another that the work you are doing to prepare your services and celebrate the birth of Christ is important – you will never know how many lives you touch with healing, joy, peace because of your work. Remember that you are working as unto God, and find joy in finishing this year well.

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2. Celebrate together.

Don’t overlook the opportunities this season presents for team building. Organize a Christmas party for your church staff. Give gifts to your team to show your appreciation for them. Facilitate an office Secret Santa or white-elephant gift exchange to maintain a spirit of joy and gratitude during this busy time. Maybe even have a small worship service where your church staff can praise God for what He’s done in your church this year. Celebrating Christ’s birth and having fun together can result in a lot of team-bonding and renewal.

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3. Send Christmas cards.

Many individuals or businesses send out Christmas cards to their friends, clients, or colleagues. Maybe your church staff can create a Christmas card to send to your congregation or to your community. It’s a great opportunity to thank your church body for being a part of your church or to send the community some love and let them know about your Christmas services.

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4. Turn your focus outward.

Just as this time provides many chances for internal celebrating and team-building, it also provides numerous opportunities for community outreach. Organize Christmas outreach activities for your community. Participate in Operation Christmas Child or helping needy families in your church or community. Volunteer as a church staff. Here at Vanderbloemen, we’re hosting a donation drive for the homeless in our community through Star of Hope. What ways can your church team turn its focus outward to spread the joy and peace of Christ’s birth?

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5. Don’t take your rest time for granted.

Lastly, encourage your team to take advantage of their vacation time. Burnout is all too common in ministry, and rest is so very important for all of us to be wholly healthy. Using your vacation time to get plenty of rest and to particpate in the things that bring you renewal is just good stewardship.

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What other ways can your church staff take advantage of this holiday season?

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