The War For Talent: Finding The Right Hire For Your Organization

At the end of the day, your people are your most valuable asset, so retaining your key players is critical. However, there comes a time when every staff member and leader will transition on, and COVID-19 has led many people to reconsider their careers and start something new sooner than expected.

In the coming months, here will be many Baby Boomers retiring and many Millennials who want to replace them; however, some organizations may be concerned with the amount of experience Millennials can offer. For that reason, candidates with the experience you are looking for could be few and far between. However, there are several things your organization can invest in to win the strong candidates you find and retain your current staff.

  1. Culture - Candidates want to join organizations with a strong and healthy culture. One of the ways you can ensure you are getting the best candidates is to have the best culture. The organization with the best culture will win the war for talent. In order to guarantee that you have the best culture possible, you will need to start by refining your mission and vision. From there, make sure your new refined mission and vision are reflected in your culture. If you want to learn more about your organizational culture, use our free culture tool Here. You can also learn more about a healthy organizational culture in my book, Culture Wins: The Roadmap to an Irresistible Organization.

  2. Compensation - Compensation plays a massive role in the positions candidates can and cannot take. You can have the best culture in the world, but if you are not compensating your employees well, you won’t win candidates. People need to know that their job will allow them to take care of their families, and they will choose a less desirable position with better compensation if it means they can better provide for their family. Make sure you are compensating your employees fairly and competitively. Paying your employees a little more will help ensure you win the war for talent.

    Remember, pay doesn’t always come in the form of a paycheck. Consider your health insurance plans, bonus structures, and other monetary incentives that might attract top talent.

    3. Hire Someone to Help - In order to find the best candidates, you will need to recruit heavily. Recruiting candidates can be hard, but this is just the beginning of winning the war for talent. In order to find the very best candidates, hire someone to help. The most expensive hire you can make is the wrong hire. Using a search firm like Vanderbloemen can help ensure your culture and compensation are the best they can be while also helping you to find candidates and identify the best candidate to fit your culture and goals. If you want to win the war and see your organization succeed, make sure you have someone walking with you through the process. 

Hiring a firm allows you to focus on your mission, while the experts manage the tedious and time consuming efforts of sourcing candidates, vetting for culture-fit, and conducting interviews. After 10 years of helping churches and Christian organizations find their key staff members, we have the most extensive candidate pool in the industry. We would love to help match your organization with the person God has been preparing to join your team.

As we continue to be hopeful about 2021, we must also begin to prepare for life after the immediate impacts of COVID. Organizations will experience vast amounts of change after the first year of the pandemic and we want to help you in any way we can. If you are restructuring or in need of new hires, speak with our team today about how you can best prepare. We are passionate about matching people with purpose and would be honored to play a role in your hiring process this year.

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