As Serious As An Organ Transplant


Why should you hire a firm like The Vanderbloemen Search Group? Why pay money when looking on your own is "free?" Why outsource such a spiritual and important leadership task? In the words of one of our clients, “Our church can’t afford not to.”

It Really is That Serious

Finding a key staff person for your church or ministry is serious; - as serious as an organ transplant.

And transplants are critical enough to warrant help. If the operation goes well, your ministry will find a new level of life. If the operation is rushed, goes poorly, or ends in rejection, things can get downright unpleasant.

That’s where The Vanderbloemen Search Group comes in.

Using our experience and the best practices, in both executive search and ministry, we come alongside you to ensure that you have the best hire possible. How? Well, if hiring key staff really is like a transplant, you can follow the metaphor and think of the value we bring you in three forms:


We bring an objective set of eyes to the process. No surgeon should operate on themselves. As one client told us, “Surgeons aren’t allowed to operate on their own family because they are too tied to the patient to do the job right.”


We find “donors” (candidates) that you won’t find on your own. Daily, we receive confidential calls from people who you will never see on a job board or hear about from a friend.


We do the “tissue match.” Excellence in search isn’t just about finding a talented person. It’s about finding the right talent for your situation. We get highly involved with and informed about your church and candidates lives so that we know your DNA, know their DNA, and can provide the best chance possible for you to find a match for your staff need.

There is no other executive search firm around with the same level of experience in ministry and mentoring and experience in corporate executive search. Take a look at our team and you’ll see that experience. Read about some success stories and you’ll see the value we bring.

While we carefully review a search opportunity before engaging with a new client, we would love to hear your story and see if we might be able to help you make a successful transplant, and find a new level of life in your ministry.