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Our blog about pastor search, church staffing, and church leadership from our years of experience

Jennifer Winge

Jennifer Winge is an Executive Search Consultant at Vanderbloemen Search Group.

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How To Minister In The Midst of Hardship
Posted by Jennifer Winge on 5/31/18 7:12 AM

Is It Time To Hire A Technical Director?

Ten years ago, it would be uncommon to find the technical director position on most church organizational charts. Since that time, technology has been woven into nearly every aspect of our everyday lives, including the church. In our work at Vanderbloemen, we often hear concerns of clients about the technology aspect of weekend worship services. We usually get the same three questions that center around the idea of hiring a technical director.

Posted by Jennifer Winge on 3/15/18 7:00 AM

How To Deal With An Unexpected Staff Transition

Staff transition is inevitable in any business or organization, and the church is no exception. There are many reasons for a staff transition (some are rather painful and unpleasant) but what about when a rock star staff member is called to a new position and resigns from your church?  Whether or not you saw it coming, transition can be scary and unsettling. As a church leader, you are called to navigate this transition in a way that honors the staff member, your team, and the church.  

Posted by Jennifer Winge on 1/10/18 7:00 AM

4 Keys To Healthy Team Collaboration

One of the questions I ask in every interview I do is: “Can you tell me about your leadership style?” By far, the most common word I get in response is collaborative. Collaboration is a trendy new phrase in team leadership today. It sounds like an easy enough task with clear benefits, but implementation can vary in difficulty based on the team. 

Posted by Jennifer Winge on 9/18/17 7:00 AM

6 Ways To Gracefully Realign Your Church Staff Team

Many organizations undergo seasons where staff realignment is necessary for growth. A church is no different. This need often stems from clear stagnation or a sudden vacancy on staff.

Posted by Jennifer Winge on 8/7/17 7:00 AM

3 Ways For Church Leaders To Maximize The Waiting Period

Growing up, we often played a game called Red Light - Green Light. I called it the Waiting Game. Essentially, the first person to reach the finish line won. When the caller said “green light, everyone would run as quickly forward as possible, but when they yelled red light,” everyone would have to stop in their tracks.

We would be eliminated from the game if we moved forward while “red light” was called, so usually we would be on the tips of our toes falling forward in anticipation of the ability to move forward. So often we are in that same position in our ministry journey: we must wait until we get the green light, which can be utterly frustrating. So how do we wait well?

Posted by Jennifer Winge on 7/5/17 7:01 AM

3 Keys For A Flourishing Kids' Ministry


What is the secret sauce to a flourishing Kids’ Ministry? It is the question all Children's Ministry leaders ask. In our quest to find the answer, we attend Children’s Ministry Conferences, read #KidMin blogs and books, and listen to podcasts. It is a ministry that has to balance safety, fun, and Biblical truths all in an engaging and age-appropriate environment. There are so many questions to be answered. Should we provide a specific ministry for differently-abled children? How often should we ask people to volunteer? What is the best curriculum? What should our volunteer-to-child ratio be? How should we separate age groups? Snacks or no snacks?

Posted by Jennifer Winge on 3/16/17 7:33 AM

3 Ways To Create Exceptional Experiences At Your Church

I was in Orlando recently visiting one of our clients, and I scheduled in a few free hours to head to Disney Springs to do some Christmas shopping. I had no idea where to park and somehow ended up at the valet parking. I was greeted by a "cast member," as Disney calls all of their staff, and when I asked her where the regular parking was, I was met with a magical Disney moment.

Posted by Jennifer Winge on 1/5/17 7:29 AM

8 Ways To Keep Your Christmas Service Visitors Coming Back

Christmas is around the corner, and we know that Christmas Eve services will be packed out in churches all around the world. But sometimes, our Christmas Eve services can feel like a “one hit wonder.” We double our attendance for one night and then return to normal. The question we are left with every year is, “How do we get the people who attend our Christmas Eve services to return the following weeks and months to fully engage in a growing relationship with Christ?”

Posted by Jennifer Winge on 11/28/16 7:53 AM

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