PODCAST | Be The Unicorn Special Edition: The Connected (feat. Wade Joye)

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In this podcast episode, William Vanderbloemen talks with Wade Joye. Wade Joye is a speaker, author, ministry coach, and host of Dreamers & Disciples, a weekly podcast on the AccessMore Network.

Wade talks about finding balance in life and leadership. They discuss the importance of rest and rhythm, the need to prioritize relationships, and the value of being present and fully engaged in conversations. Wade shares insights on how to avoid the trap of busyness and the pressure to always be connected. He emphasizes the significance of intentional and meaningful connections and the impact it can have on personal and professional growth. Overall, the conversation highlights the importance of finding balance and prioritizing relationships in order to thrive in life and leadership.

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Get a copy of Wade’s new book: https://www.wadejoye.com/book

To connect with Wade about preaching or working with your teams, visit wadejoye.com.

Follow Wade on Instagram and Facebook @wadejoye