PODCAST | The Impacts Of Gentrification On The Black Church With Pastor John Faison

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February is Black History Month, and to continue learning about the establishing, evolution, and culture of the black church, we spoke with African American Christian leaders to guide us through the history of the black church and the critical purpose it serves as part of the full Kingdom.

These conversations cover some of the critical events in early US History all the way up to current events in an effort to help us appreciate the roots and development of The Black Church.

In today’s conversation, our Director of Special Initiatives & Operations and Executive Search Consultant, Chantel McHenry spoke with Pastor John Faison, Senior Pastor of Watson Grove Baptist Church in Nashville, Tennessee. Pastor Faison discusses the history of African American churches specifically diving into the impact that segregation and gentrification has on black communities and the role the black church has played to support these communities. Pastor Faison provides encouragement for how pastors can determine their calling and best serve their congregations.

At Vanderbloemen, we value constant improvement, and invite you to walk alongside us as we learn more about how to better love and serve the whole church. We hope you enjoy Chantel’s conversation with Pastor Faison.

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