The Process of the Search

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In the first steps of the hiring process, it’s critical that you establish a plan for what exactly you want your process to look like. If you aren’t clear on exactly what skills and talents you’re looking for and how you are going to find someone to fill that role, you will end up with a frustrated team, confused potential hires, and wasted time and money. 

The most expensive hire is a bad one. You need to ensure that rather than rushing into any hiring decision, you sit down with your board of directors and talk through:

  • exactly what the process is going to look like,

  • how long you are looking to take for the process,

  • how much money you are willing to invest in it in order to save money down the road, 

  • as well as simply discussing what exactly you’re wanting in your candidates.

Getting to Know You

With a Vanderbloemen search, we take a deep dive into the DNA of your organization and gain a better understanding of who will be a lasting culture fit. We also spend time getting to know your team members to understand how your team’s current personalities will mesh with potential candidates. These in-depth discussions increase our ability to help find the right person to step into your new ministry role.

Level of Collaboration

We work hand-in-hand with you to find your best candidate. We want to get to know your culture so that we can interview the most qualified candidates for you. We bring our years of recruiting experience plus an objective view to present you with the candidates we think fit your organization best and work alongside you in the interview process. Our team conducts thorough background checks, assists with compensation package negotiation, and provides onboarding insight as you make your new hire.

You will be deeply involved and will have the final say in any and all hiring decisions. 

Financial Investment

Investing financially in a hiring process can seem daunting, but it’s important to consider again how much a bad hire would end up costing your organization. Choose to purposefully invest in your search now, so that you are more likely to find a good fit who will stick around. 

How much you invest, however, will depend on the level of the search. An executive search done poorly is going to cost your organization more in the long run, so these searches are going to be more of an investment. Our search includes in-person meetings in order to best understand what your team is looking for, and Vanderbloemen is closely involved in the search process. Our consultants and recruiters bring their combined expertise to ensure that your final hire is a perfect fit.

As you prepare to fill your next role Vanderbloemen is equipped to help you navigate  the process. We land are ready to step in and help you find a hire that fulfills your requirements, equips you for success, and ultimately is an ideal fit for your organization. 

For examples of work we’ve done with churches like yours finding key staff, check out our success stories

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