The Top 9 Insight Articles Of 2014


As we enter 2015, we’d like to take a moment to say how truly grateful we are for our Vanderbloemen community. We strive to provide you with helpful information and useful resources, and we’re honored to see our content being read and shared by you all.

Here are our top 9 most-read blog posts of 2014:

#9 – 10 Reasons To NOT Take The Job 

"Too often, we see candidates who in their past have taken a job they shouldn’t have taken, only to wind up regretting the decision later, staying in the position a shorter period of time than they thought they would, and ending up with a resume filled with lots of 'job hopping.' In order to prevent this from happening to you, what are the warning signs that you should look for when evaluating a job?" Read more.

#8 – The #1 Secret To Being A Successful Leader

"While these are all significant insights into leadership, I believe one important factor is often overlooked. If this one key component is not present in someone's life, then life-long success and satisfaction may never be achieved. That one characteristic is self-leadership." Read more.

#7 – Revolutionary Or Evolutionary: 5 Tips For Pastors In A New Role

"Should a first-year pastor be revolutionary—that is, make some fast, major changes?  Or, should a first-year pastor be more evolutionary—go slow, making small incremental changes?  While understanding that every ministry opportunity is contextual, let me suggest a few things for first-year pastors to consider while making any decision." Read more.

#6 – 3 Reasons You’re Struggling To Find A Children’s Pastor & How To Fix Them 

"Children’s Pastors are one of the toughest searches for church leaders. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the reasons for this challenge and some solutions to help you recruit high capacity Children’s Pastors to your team." Read more.

#5 – 7 Essential Attributes Of Exceptional Executive Pastors

"Having an excellent Executive Pastor can dramatically increase the health and growth of a church. Similar to the relationship between a COO and a CEO, an Executive Pastor oversees all administrative and operational aspects of a church, freeing the Senior Pastor to focus on vision, teaching, and shepherding. So, if an Executive Pastor is so vital to the growth and health of a church, how do you spot an exceptional one?" Read more.

#4 – 8 Ways To Spot Emotionally Elite Candidates

"Think back to the last time you had to deal with a difficult team member. I’m willing to wager that the difficulty centered on an issue related to their emotional health. So how do you identify emotionally elite candidates when interviewing them?" Read more.

#3 – Why High Capacity Children’s Pastors Are So Hard To Find

"One of the primary characteristics we see in churches that are not thriving is a stagnant or failing children's ministry. If the kids dislike going to church, parents will simply not put up with the kicking and screaming. Our clients come to us because they are struggling to find the right fit with the right qualifications to lead their Children’s Ministry. The reason why is simple: there is a shortage of high-caliber, top-tier pastors that are called to influence children and families." Read more

#2 - 10 Ways To Lose Great Staff Members

"Hiring great people is a great first step, but it’s just the beginning. Once you have a great team member who is producing excellent work and serving effectively, the next – and more important – challenge will be retaining them for the long haul." Read more.

#1 - 3 Deadly Symptoms Of A Sick Church Staff Culture

"There’s no arguing that when a church has a healthy culture, also known as DNA, it can rest assured that its legacy will produce healthy leaders down the road. But what should you do when you know your church's culture is sick?" Read more.

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