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9 Email Best Practices For Your Church Staff


Email is such a constant part of our daily lives that you probably don’t even think twice before hitting “send” after typing up a message. While this is fine for casual conversations among friends, email communication in your workplace requires a bit more thought and care.

Posted by Sarah Hogan on 2/6/17 7:10 AM

Church Leaders: Why Growth Requires Struggle

This post is directed toward those who may be sensing God calling them to something different, but they want to stay where they are comfortable; those who can’t make the decision to move or who tend to stay within their comfort zones. I totally get it - for whatever reason, the thought of leaving what you know is feels too dangerous or uncomfortable. So you don't risk it, and the decision is left unmade.

Posted by David Fantin on 2/3/17 7:53 AM

How To Discern Where Your Next Ministry Move Is

At Vanderbloemen Search Group, we have the privilege of working with many church leaders and church staff members who sense that God is moving them on from their current ministry context. That part is clear to them. But what is sometimes unclear is the place God has in mind for their next season of ministry.

Posted by Vanderbloemen Search Group on 1/20/17 7:56 AM

3 Best Practices For Your Church Job Search

The church job search process is a sacred space. It is a time of reflection, patience, and trust as we wait to discover and discern where God is calling us next. Throwing yourself into the job market as a ministry candidate can certainly bring up feelings of vulnerability and uncertainty.

Posted by Katie Bivens on 12/2/16 7:21 AM

3 Interview Questions Pastors Must Be Prepared To Answer

In my role at Vanderbloemen Search Group, I get the amazing opportunity to talk daily with pastors seeking their next ministry opportunity. Often, what separates good candidates from the great ones is a candidate’s ability to give thoughtful responses to the questions asked of them. A person who is able to answer questions succinctly and articulately comes across as being prepared and having a high interest in the position.

Posted by Jamie Byrd on 12/1/16 7:14 AM

The Best Church Jobs For Every Personality Type [Infographic]

It's every job seeker's question: What kind of position will fit my natural strengths and personality best?

Every single one of us has wondered that somewhere along our journey, even those in ministry. While ministry is most certainly a calling from God, it's also quite likely God is going to call you to church jobs that fit well with the strengths and personality He was uniquely gifted you with.

Perhaps you now find yourself in a job where you feel extra drained, but aren't sure why. Or maybe you're in that sweet spot where your current position energizes you and allows you to leverage your natural giftings.

Posted by Katie Viscontini on 11/18/16 7:12 AM

Why Non-Ministry Experience Is Valuable On Your Church Staff

So your candidate doesn’t have much (or any) experience working on a church staff yet. Should you pass over their resume? Before you do, I'd encourage you to dig a little deeper. It's true that ministry experience is typically a great indicator of the person’s capabilities and ability to do effective Kingdom work on your staff, but what about those who don’t have experience on a church staff yet but have high potential?

Posted by Nicole Cochran on 9/28/16 6:41 AM

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