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How To Analyze the Cost Efficiency of Your Staff
Posted by Tim Stevens on 5/30/18 7:07 AM

How To Empower Your Children's Ministry Volunteers

Volunteers are at the core of children’s ministry. As much as we would like to compensate them for their hard work, it is often not financially possible. However, we are capable of providing them with the necessary resources, training, and support to help them feel empowered to serve.

Posted by Marisol Rubio on 5/10/18 7:11 AM

Paid, Volunteer, Or Both? Best Practices For Managing Your Worship Team

The topic of paid versus volunteer musicians has always been highly debated among the worship community. While most churches deal with this decision at some point, there is no tried-and-true guideline for church leaders to follow. Often, it depends on the context of your church, your ministry philosophy, budget, and sometimes, your access to quality musicians. So where should you start?

Posted by Vanderbloemen Search Group on 4/11/18 7:00 AM

6 Creative Ways To Serve In The Church

When I joined my church a few years back, there were less than 100 people on a typical Sunday gathering. When I joined the staff as an associate pastor, we were up to about 300 and growing quickly. It was a season of all kinds of transition. We frantically sought out new spaces to meet as we had clearly outgrown the art gallery / community space we started in. As we added to the staff, divided up ministry responsibilities, and things kept growing.

Posted by Rusty Gates on 3/26/18 7:00 AM

How To "Fire" A Church Volunteer

No matter the situation, firing someone is a difficult and sometimes an uncomfortable thing to do. Firing someone who is volunteering their time can be even worse. We often tolerate in volunteers what we would not tolerate in an employee because the volunteer is not getting paid. Oftentimes it feels like it would be easier to just keep them on the team rather than have a difficult and potentially awkward conversation.

Posted by Jamie Byrd on 3/8/18 7:00 AM

3 Volunteer Positions You Probably Don't Have (But Should)

God has uniquely equipped every person in the Church with specific skills and gifts. As Christians, we are tasked with utilizing these in our community and within our local church body. Using our God-given skills as a volunteer is a fantastic way to serve the church while simultaneously lightening the load of a church’s staff.

Posted by David Fantin on 3/5/18 7:00 AM

5 Ways To Equip Your Volunteers This Weekend

Churches often approach managing volunteers in two different ways. Sometimes churches are so systematized that they allow no room for creativity and agility on their volunteer teams. Other churches like for volunteers to come up with their own systems and structure for the ministry.

High capacity volunteers often like structure because it lets them know what’s expected within the ministry and lowers the barrier to entry. Most volunteers work full time jobs and don’t necessarily have or want the capacity to come up with curriculum, guidelines, or lists.

As someone who has been a volunteer in various church ministry activities, I know both approaches offer various pros and cons. Regardless of where your church is on that spectrum, there are certain resources that every volunteer should be knowledgeable about.  

Posted by Nicole Cochran on 2/14/18 7:00 AM

7 Helpful Tips For Children's Ministry Success

Children's Ministry is a key component in the growth stages of development for every child walking into your church doors. From infants until youth ministry, there is an amazing opportunity to show God’s love, grace, and redemption in tangible ways through your children’s ministry.

Here are seven helpful tips for a Children’s Minister to achieve success in 2018.

Posted by Katie Chapman on 1/4/18 7:00 AM

3 Qualities Of Outstanding Church Volunteers

We’ve all seen them – they’re the person you see at the door every Sunday, greeting you with a grin and a good morning. They’re the person wearing a “how can I help?” lanyard. They’re the person who writes thank you notes, runs to the dollar store for supplies, and organizes the lunchtime devotional schedule during the mission trip. They’re behind the scenes – filling out forms for you, herding children back to their parents, championing and cheerleading every step of the way as God moves in ministries. 

They’re usually not on staff, and usually their work goes unnoticed. They’re constantly behind the scenes but without them, a ministry wouldn’t work as effectively.

They’re your volunteers, and they’re vitally important. So how do you get from needing a solid base of volunteers to having a volunteer team that maximizes the work of ministry or organization is doing?

As you’re building a team of volunteers, look for some of these key traits below. 

Posted by Meredith Mohr on 12/21/17 7:01 AM

4 Ways To Grow Your Volunteer Team In The New Year

Posted by Maggie Richter on 12/14/17 7:00 AM

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