VanderUnicorn Spotlight: Ivette Naron is Productive

Ivette Naron - Productive

With over 30,000 interviews to our name, Vanderbloemen has mastered the art of identifying the best. It comes down to 12 data-driven traits that set the greatest workers apart as “Unicorns.” These traits are covered in-depth in William Vanderbloemen’s new book Be the Unicorn. 

But even the best of the best aren’t expected to master all 12 traits simultaneously. Excellence in just one of these traits can qualify a candidate for a vital role on your team. We believe each member of our team of experts exemplifies these traits in various ways, and we’ve chosen one person to highlight how each trait translates in the workplace.

Meet our Productive VanderUnicorn, Ivette Naron

The 11th Unicorn trait an employee can have is a unique ability to be productive. The book acknowledges the reality that time is wasted in the workplace. In ministries and nonprofits, time is more valuable than money. The Productive sees each day for its own intrinsic value. When The Productive gets to work, they shine brighter than everyone else. 

At Vanderbloemen, Manager of Business Operations Ivette Naron stands out as one of the most productive staff members. Her productivity gives her the ability to take on unique opportunities, projects, and initiatives. Now, she is trusted as an extremely reliable coworker. 

“They can count on me, because they know I will get the job done,” Ivette explains. "This gives me more freedom and autonomy in my work. It has also given me a deeper engagement and stronger appreciation for work.”

The Productive Mindset

There are many misconceptions surrounding what it means to be productive. Being productive is not about a supernatural ability to get everything done, Ivette explains. A productive mindset means distinguishing between what is important and what is a distraction. 

“Don’t overthink it or get paralyzed in decision-making,” Ivette says. “Sometimes, you just need to get moving to see what the next step is going to be.”

From there, make a plan with achievable goals and deadlines (and don’t forget to celebrate wins along the way). That exciting sense of accomplishment acts as an incentive to keep going. And when you fail, press on anyway. 

Perfectionism is a trap, she says.

“Let experience be your teacher,” Ivette advises. “Being afraid to fail will stifle your productivity.  Learn the art of failing forward.”

The Productivity Package

Being productive is intertwined with many other desirable traits in the workplace. Someone who is productive will also be a self-starter in nature, a problem-solver, and an anticipator. Gathering information, creating solutions, and predicting problems is part of the productive process, Ivette says. 

Be the employee who is disciplined enough to foster productivity, even if it does not come naturally to you now.

Find your unicorn

We’re so blessed to have unicorns on our team like Ivette, and we want to equip your team with candidates just like her. To start the search for your own top talent, get in touch today.

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