VanderUnicorn Spotlight: Megan Cunningham is Connected

Megan Cunningham - Connected

With over 30,000 interviews to our name, Vanderbloemen has mastered the art of identifying the best. It comes down to 12 data-driven traits that set the greatest workers apart as “Unicorns.” These traits are covered in-depth in William Vanderbloemen’s new book Be the Unicorn. 

But even the best of the best aren’t expected to master all 12 traits simultaneously. Excellence in just one of these traits can qualify a candidate for a vital role on your team. We believe each member of our team of experts exemplifies these traits in various ways, and we’ve chosen one person to highlight how each trait translates in the workplace.

Meet our Connected VanderUnicorn, Megan Cunningham

The Connected Unicorns on your team, if you are lucky enough to have them, take time to intentionally develop real friendships with people. This depth of friendship is a lost art in many circles, but it’s a key to success for all.

At Vanderbloemen, Client Relations Coordinator Megan Cunningham sets a standard as a connector. Despite being primarily a remote worker, much of the staff feels known and loved by Megan. 

“Being connected looks like taking the time to not only work with your colleagues but understand that they have a life outside of work as well,” Megan says. “To connect with others well is to recognize that your relationship with your coworkers can have an impact on their life. Sometimes more than you can imagine.”

Connecting at work

Everybody brings some degree of their personal life into their work. When you interact with your coworkers, Megan challenges us to push ourselves to have compassion for them. 

“Many people like to put a shell around themselves and what they are going through in fear of others viewing them as weak or vulnerable,” Megan explains. “The truth is that we are all going through something and by sharing or asking questions, we can provide hope, community, and healing to people we are with.”

Everyone wants that connection, Megan says. Small talk and work laughs can only go so far if. Try to get to know the people around you.

“Working takes up a lot of my life and I cannot imagine that much of a chunk of it feeling disconnected from the people I am around,” Megan says. “All of the laughs and offhand conversations are what make work life not only enjoyable but impactful.”

Megan is a perfect example to show that every little interaction with your team counts and is an opportunity to form a lasting impact. Whether you feel you are given little or excess resources and ability, the attempt to understand those around you will unite your team for your common mission and serve you wherever your career takes you. .

Find your unicorn

We’re so fortunate to have unicorns on our team like Megan, and we want to equip your team with candidates just like her. To start the search for your own top talent, get in touch today.

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