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Spring Valley Reformed Church

Senior Pastor

Fulton, Illinois

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Denomination: Reformed Church in America

Weekly Attendance: 100

Location: Fulton, IL

The Role: Senior Pastor

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Meet Spring Valley Reformed Church:

Spring Valley Reformed Church was established in 1909 as a community of believers within the Reformed Church in America. It is a church that remembers and honors who they have been and celebrates who they are becoming. Nestled in the Valley between Fulton and Morrison Illinois, it is a church that believes in the two simple commandments that Jesus expressed that contains all the laws and the prophets. Love God and Love our neighbor. SVRC has become, and is continuing to become, a congregation that loves well and cares for those God has placed in its midst.

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About the Senior Pastor:

The Senior Pastor’s role of Spring Valley Reformed Church is one of servanthood and service representing Christ through the action of the Holy Spirit. Ministers are called to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and to the ministry of the Word of God.

In the local church, the minister serves as pastor and teacher of the congregation to build up and equip the whole church for its ministry in the world. The minister preaches and teaches the Word of God, administers the sacraments, shares responsibility with the elders and deacons and members of the congregation for their mutual Christian growth, exercises Christian love and discipline in conjunction with the elders, and endeavors that everything in the church is done in a proper and orderly way. As a pastor and teacher, the minister so serves and lives among the congregation that together they become wholly devoted to the Lord Jesus Christ in the service of the church for the world. (Book of Church order 1.I.1 Sec 4, pg.12)

The Senior Pastor's Responsibilities Include: 

Leadership of Spring Valley Reformed Church Ministries

  • Provide visionary and directional leadership of the consistory (elders and deacons) and the church staff.

  • Oversee and encourage the multiplication of leaders, ministries, and volunteers by developing and empowering the staff and lay leadership of the church through teaching, leadership, and vision development.


  • Provide primary preaching at a majority of the Sunday worship services. 

  • Work with the worship leader, organist, and other supporting volunteers to ensure worship services follow a consistent biblical theme.

  • Properly and orderly administer the sacraments of the Lord’s Supper and Baptism within the boundaries of the Reformed Church in America.

Pastoral Care and Counseling

  • Make emergency or crisis calls to ensure consistent loving care of members.

  • Provide pastoral care when appropriate.

  • Conduct weddings and funerals with the oversight and direction of the consistory.


  • Ensure that the evangelistic temperature of the church remains high through regular preaching, teaching, training, and modeling a lifestyle of personal evangelism. 

  • Be actively involved in reaching out to the surrounding community by getting involved outside the church doors.

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What You Bring: 

Education & Qualifications

  • Master of Divinity degree or similar level education from an accredited seminary.

  • Be an ordained minister of the gospel who acknowledges the authority of Scripture, the power of prayer, the Lordship of Jesus Christ, and broadly adheres to traditional Reformed theology.

  • Maintain a passionate prayer life.

  • Be a gifted preacher and teacher, with a deep love and understanding of God’s Word.

  • Approach the surrounding community as a mission field.
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What it's Like to Live in Fulton, IL: 

Fulton is a small, quaint town along the Mississippi River with Dutch heritage.  It has several other small towns within a 20-mile radius, is directly across the river from Clinton, IA with a population of 26,000+, and is within 50 miles of the Quad Cities.  Fulton offers both public and private schooling for K-12.  Within a 50 mile radius, there are community colleges, universities, and Morrison Institute of Technology.

Fulton, Illinois offers opportunities for residents to experience a welcoming, small-town, friendly environment. It is a great place to enjoy the community and call home. 

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