Vanderbloemen Partners with Better Fundraising


Vanderbloemen is excited to introduce Better Fundraising as a Strategic Partner. 

Better Fundraising's goal is to significantly grow the fundraising capacity of small to medium-sized nonprofits by providing outsourced development responsibilities like marketing and brand messaging. They help organizations that need development help but don't need a full-time Director of Development.

Our clients who fit Better Fundraising’s target demographic will be connected to learn more about their marketing and brand messaging services. 

At Vanderbloemen, we believe that every organization is unique, and our partner Better Fundraising does, too. That's why both Vanderbloemen and Better Fundraising provide customized and consultative solutions for faith-based organizations.

If you work in the nonprofit world, you know that development responsibilities are challenging. Steven Screen and Jim Shapiro of Better Fundraising do, too. They provide services on a retainer basis for organizations that don't need a full-time Director of Development role on staff.

Also included in Better Fundraising’s services to nonprofits are development consulting, development marketing services, and brand messaging consulting. 

To get started or find out more information about Vanderbloemen and Better Fundraising’s services, contact: or (713) 300-9665. or (713) 300-9665. or (713) 300-9665. or (713) 300-9665. or (713) 300-9665. or (713) 300-9665. or (713) 300-9665. or (713) 300-9665.