Eagle Church Hires New Children's Pastor



Eagle Church Zionsville, Indiana has hired Kim Shepson as their new Children’s Pastor.

Kim Shepson joins the staff at Eagle Church, bringing with her extensive ministry experience, including leading a Women’s Bible study and serving as a guest services volunteer. 

Associate Pastor Kyle Maloney said, “We knew how we wanted to vet candidates, we just didn’t have the biggest pool of candidates.” Vanderbloemen brought the most value to Eagle Church in having such a vast network of candidates. One of the 12 Vanderbloemen Differences is that “We’ll bring you candidates you won’t find on your own.” We have built, and thus own, the largest Christian candidate database. 

We’ve invested significant resources into building a scalable database that houses and updates our database of 70K+ candidates.

Everyone on our team faithfully spends time working to expand our candidate sourcing and reach for the Kingdom because we believe the “big C” Church deserves the very best. This means that the candidates we "have" and find are quite often the ones that aren't on a job board, or in an active search mode. That's because we have spent over a decade fostering relationships, building the trust that’s needed to have sacred conversations about someone’s next step.

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