Holly Tate, Vice President of Business Development, Featured in Center for Church Communication

Holly Tate, Vice President of Business Development, shares her thoughts with Center for Church Communication on their Church Marketing Sucks blog about how the church communications role has changed and how to land the church communications job.

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As the digital landscape becomes more complex, church communication is quickly becoming more important to the health of a church. What began as a part-time or volunteer role for many churches is now a full-time role, often sitting on the leadership team as a strategic role in church growth.

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If you’re considering a role in church communication you’re likely someone who is passionate about inspiring people toward vision, creating marketing plans, and finding creative ways to tell the church’s stories of life change. Your passion is needed and is crucial to the future of the “big C” Church around the globe. If you’re looking to land a job in church communication, here are some key components to consider.

1. Know Yourself

The key to landing any job is self awareness, but this is especially true for a role as broad as communication. A role in church communication can mean a lot of different things, so it’s crucial for you to be able to clearly articulate your gifts and what you will bring to the role. At Vanderbloemen, where we help churches and ministries find their key staff, we look to see what types of roles candidates are applying for. If a candidate is applying for varying types of positions that are unrelated, this raises the question for us as to whether the candidate really understands their gifts.

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