Vanderbloemen Partners with Pushpay



Vanderbloemen is thrilled to introduce another strategic partner: Pushpay. Pushpay is our mobile giving partner, to whom we refer clients who want to elevate their generosity and make giving as  simple, fast, and seamless as possible. In turn, Pushpay refers clients to us whom we serve through hiring and succession planning services.

Pushpay_LogoPushpay is the leading resource for church giving. Their goal is to see billions of dollars given to the local church to serve the world and make it a better place. 

As such, they are a wealth of information on generosity in the church, encouraging financial growth, analyzing how technology and the church can combine to unlock generosity, and so much more. Pushpay has also partnered with Vanderbloemen on a range of content and resources, including podcasts, blogs, salary guides, and church culture roundtables. 

Pushpay has been an excellent partner with our church culture and staffing roundtables, which are free events happening across  the country in the fall of 2019 equipping church leaders to meet the expectations of current and future generations with a gospel-centered focus. In these sessions, Vanderbloemen and Pushpay share how churches can build strong leadership teams, foster a culture of innovation, align teams, and leverage technology to further its mission to impact communities for Christ.

Services Pushpay provides include online and mobile giving apps, apps for churches, resources on increasing generosity, simplifying administrative workflows, showing gratitude for generosity, and improving communications. 

Generosity sits at the forefront of the church, and technology is now a key element to unlocking this generosity for a changing generation. We recommend partnering with Pushpay if your church is looking for a mobile giving solution. 

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To get started or find out more information about Vanderbloemen and Pushpay's services, contact:  or (713) 300-9665

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