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Diversity within your leadership team is essential for organizations as they strive to reflect the interests and needs of the staff and clients they serve. Diversity doesn't only need to be seen in the boardroom but at every level of the organization. That being said, it’s critical that diversifying your organization begins with leadership.

Eric Albert, one of our Executive Search Consultants and part of our Diversity Council, explains how leadership impacts diversity efforts and shares steps you can be taking now as you begin or continue to make efforts to diversify your organization.

BLOG | How To Cut Through Resume Overload & Find The Right Hire For Your Church

Make The Right Hire (1)

It’s not hard to get candidates for job openings right now. It is hard, however, to find the right candidate for a position. As your church begins to fill new positions, there are questions you need to consider that go beyond a resume. Here is a checklist of questions to walk through before making your hiring decisions.

PODCAST | How Your Congregation Can Adapt & Thrive After A Crisis With Karl  Vaters

Karl Vaters Podcast

In this podcast, Karl Vaters, author, speaker, and Teaching Pastor, shares 4 main points from his newest book, “The Church Recovery Guide: How Your Congregation Can Adapt and Thrive After a Crisis.” Karl outlines practical steps for your church to thrive after COVID-19.

BLOG | Inspiration For Future Church Gatherings With Pastor Chris Hodges
Inspiration For Future Church Gatherings-png

Chris Hodges, Lead Pastor of Church of the Highlands, shares his experience conducting church during 2020 and what he anticipates for the future of the church after such a major shift in church operations. He discussed how Church of the Highlands has adapted to the pandemic, and what they’ve learned from reopening.


New Searches:

Youth For Christ

Location: Englewood, Colorado 


Assistant Director→

Rockland 21C

Location: West Nyack, New York

Next Level Church

Location: Fort Myers, Florida

Weekly Attendance: 2,500


Worship Director→

Northwest Church

Location: Fresno, California

Weekly Attendance: 1,080

Women's Disciple - Making Associate→

Parkwood Baptist Church

Location: Gastonia, North Carolina

Weekly Attendance: 1,250


Student Ministries Pastor →

Christ Fellowship Church

Location: McKinney, Texas

Weekly Attendance: 1,800


Minister to Students →

Dawson Memorial Baptist Church

Location: Birmingham, Alabama

Weekly Attendance: 2,000+


Children's Pastor →

Bellerose Assembly of God/Next City Church

Location: Bellerose, New York

Weekly Attendance: 750


Children's Minister →

Highlands Church

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

Weekly Attendance: 1,700


Children's Pastor →

Grace Christian Church

Location: Georgetown, Kentucky

Weekly Attendance: 1,200