VanderNews: September 1, 2020

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As fall approaches, Christian leaders are facing budget planning and reorganization decisions. This year feels especially challenging due to the staffing and monetary shifts we've experienced due to COVID-19. To equip you to better navigate these decisions this year, here are some resources we think you'll find helpful.

Compensation is typically the highest expense in our budgets and should be reevaluated annually, especially after the unexpected year we've had. To serve you in this time, we now offer customized compensation reports to compare your salary and benefits with other organizations around the country and see how your compensation plan stacks up.

Reorganization is also a hot topic right now, as COVID-19 has accelerated many organizations' need to restructure and hire new positions to meet the needs of both in-person and online church landscapes. It's important to invest in the right staff to keep your mission on track, so we've put together the key indicators to let you know if you might be understaffed.

Top Factors For Determining Salaries


BLOG | Top Compensation Factors To Consider When Setting Church Salaries

Top Compensation Factors

How do you know if your compensation plan is fair, and how can you navigate a conversation about it in a practical and God-honoring way? Here are 6 compensation factors to consider as you enter budget-planning season.

PODCAST | 10 Years Of Vanderbloemen: Reflecting On The Past & Looking To The FutureWilliam Vanderbloemen - 10 Years Podcast

During Vanderbloemen's 10th year of helping Christian organizations find their leaders, William reflects on how our ability to serve has come further than he dreamed and discusses the launch of our new sister company, ChristianTeams.

BLOG | Is Your Organization Understaffed? Know When It's Time To HireKnow when to hire

Leaders can’t do it all, that’s why effective support staff is so critical to ministry success. Don’t let your Kingdom mission become lost by ignoring signs that you're understaffed and trying to juggle every ministry on your own.


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Senior Pastor→

Christ Community Church

Location: Spring Creek, Nevada

Weekly Attendance: 70

Senior Pastor →

First Christian Church

Location: Nevada, Missouri

Weekly Attendance: 125

Senior Pastor→

Champion Forest Baptist Church

Location: Houston, Texas

Weekly Attendance: 8,000

St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church

Location: Beaumont, Texas

Weekly Attendance: 120

Senior Pastor→

Bay Leaf Baptist Church

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina

Weekly Attendance: 1000+

New Heights Church

Location: Vancouver, Washington

Weekly Attendance: 3,600

Mountview Christian

Location: Columbus, Ohio

Weekly Attendance: 350


Mariners Church

Location: Irvine, California

Weekly Attendance: 13,000

Pillar Community Church

Location: Vero Beach, Florida

Weekly Attendance: 2,600


Marvin United Methodist Church

Location: Tyler, Texas

Weekly Attendance: 1,200+