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Bridgeway Community Church in Indiana Hires Executive Pastor



Executive Pastor




Fishers, IN



Brian is just the right person at the right time for our church. Wouldn't have found him without working with you. He's already having a huge impact.

- Craig Parker LEAD PASTOR


BridgeWay Church, an ever-growing church of around 800 in Fishers, Indiana, is comfortable, casual, and energetic with a strong small group ministry. With a mission of "life change" and a desire to be a hub for church planting in the greater Indianapolis area, they needed an Executive Pastor to help with the needs of a growing church. In the summer of 2012, BridgeWay reached out to Vanderbloemen about their need for an Executive Pastor. After an extensive search, recruiting, and interviewing process, we connected BridgeWay with Brian Holt. Brian has already had a profound effect on BridgeWay.


Church Staffing Success Story - Is It Your Church's turn?