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St. James Hires Senior Pastor



Senior Pastor




Tulsa, OK



"St. James Church has served the South Tulsa area for over four decades. From the very beginning, they created a family community that loves one another and serves their surrounding community.  As St. James was entering a season of transition, it was both an honor and a joy to partner with them in finding their new senior pastor.  After conducting a nationwide search, we found Rudy Freese in their own backyard.  His commitment to Biblical teaching, spiritual leadership, and pastoral care made him the perfect fit for St. James.  I’m excited to see how God will continue to bless South Tulsa through St. James Church in the years to come.” - Executive Search Consultant Eugene

St James Church Sanctuary


St. James Church is a church that loves God and loves people. They are passionate about helping people become devoted followers of Jesus Christ. They believe the church ought to feel like family. Their welcoming and authentic atmosphere facilitates growth, healing, and genuine relationships.


St James Church CommunityOpportunity


St. James Church was going through a time of change as their senior pastor retired and they shifted to a new denomination. They required assistance and guidance during this transition. The search for a new senior pastor was proving to be a challenge for the staff of St. James, as they were invested in finding someone who would guide their congregation towards Christ. Additionally, the church was transitioning to become an Independent church. To aid in this process, the board of St. James contacted Vanderbloemen for support in developing a succession plan and finding the ideal senior pastor.


St. James Church is seeking a Senior Pastor who is a strong and humble leader, passionate about the Word and preaching from the heart. The ideal candidate will be a visionary for the church and staff, guiding them as they deepen their relationship with the Lord. We are seeking someone gifted with the ability to discern and follow the Holy Spirit.


St James Church GatheringSolution

Our Executive Search Consultant, Eugene Lee flew to Tulsa, Oklahoma to meet with the board and staff of St. James Church. After learning about its history and culture, he and our recruiter were able to start the search for a senior pastor.  After reviewing numerous resumes and conducting multiple interviews, they were able to narrow the pool of candidates down to three.

St.James Church prayer over new Senior PastorResult

We are delighted to announce that Rudy Freese has been appointed as the Senior Pastor of St. James. When Rudy was first called to ministry, he was enthusiastic, but the lack of support made him hesitant to pursue God's plans for him. However, the Lord kept reminding him that he was more than qualified to minister, even with his 15 years of experience in law enforcement.


After leaving law enforcement, Rudy entered ministry and has since served as a senior pastor. Given St. James' transition away from the UMC, Rudy was a perfect choice, having helped struggling churches in the past and bringing them back to better standing. Having attended St. James previously, Rudy felt like he was part of the family every time he visited. We are thrilled to welcome Rudy and his wife, Piper, to this new season and journey, and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for St. James Church!


St.James GatheringBenefit

The benefit of hiring Vanderbloemen is that we have the search capabilities to find the ideal fit for your organization, whether the right person is already working for you or is living halfway across the globe. We can provide an extensive reach and a full-staff approach for organizations that otherwise would be limited to their local networks and would need to sacrifice other responsibilities to invest in a quality search. We are able to bring schools and organizations executive position candidates they could not find on their own.

If you’re ready to start the conversation around hiring, contact our team. We’ll guide you through the hiring process at every level, from job descriptions to signing the offer letter.New call-to-action


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