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Embassy City Succession Case Study



Senior Pastor




Irving, TX


Non denominational

"Having worked with Tim Ross over the past couple of years and doing a couple of searches for him, it was a great privilege to partner with him and Embassy City Church to see what the next season was for Embassy City, the Ross family and for the Rivers family. Both Tim Ross and Tim Rivers entered into this process with such humble hearts, it was the only way that this transition happened as smoothly as it did. It was honoring to sit in the River’s house with Tim and Janese and hear how God had been preparing them for a season that they did not fully know was coming. Exciting things are happening at Embassy City Church!" Eric Albert, Executive Search Consultant 

tim rivers and ross


Embassy City Church is passionate about spreading the message of Jesus Christ to Irving, Texas, and surrounding areas. The Church encourages its community to come, grow, and go as an approach to building relationships with God and serving around the world. Embassy first contacted us while considering a succession plan for their Founding Senior Pastor, Tim Ross. They desired to have a successful succession plan and transition of leadership which is when we were given the opportunity to partner alongside their leadership team to help with a customized succession plan.


Tim Ross began preaching at 20 years old and has impacted the lives of thousands of people since. Under the leadership of Tim and his wife, Juliette, Embassy has experienced exponential growth of over 3,000 in-person members and thousands online. The Rosses will continue to be part of the church family and focus their energy on their other ministries including conferences, podcasts, marriage ministry, and books. 


Embassy City Church WorshipSolution

Tim Rivers has been called to become Tim Ross’ successor with Tim and Juliette remaining at Embassy as members and advisors. Tim Rivers went into full-time ministry at the age of 18, holds a master’s degree in theology from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and is currently pursuing a doctorate degree with a focus on church revitalization. Rivers looks forward to continuing the “Kingdom Culture” that Ross has laid over the years and plans for Embassy to remain a pillar in the community.


Over the past year, Tim Rivers has been a guest preacher at Embassy several times making him no stranger to the congregation. He has also been mentored over the last three years by Ross, making him a perfect and prepared candidate to succeed Ross in this role.


To learn more about Tim's succession plan, listen to this podcast where he talks more about his experience with William Vanderblomen. 


Tim Ross praying over Tim RiversResult

Tim, his wife Janese, and their three children are excited about the transition to Embassy City in Fort Worth. The Rivers family is passionate about mission work and cultivating communities to advance the Kingdom. We are excited to see all that the Rivers' bring to their new church home.


Tim Rivers Preaching


While there is no simple, one-size fits all solution to the puzzle of planning for a seamless pastoral succession, there are questions that will help you determine if you are ready for succession. We created the Succession Readiness Tool for just that. Very simple, straightforward questions that will help you see where you are in your succession plan.

If you’re ready to start the conversation around hiring, contact our team. We’ll guide you through the hiring process at every level, from job descriptions to signing the offer letter.New call-to-action


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