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Hopevale Church Hires Senior Pastor



Senior Pastor




Saginaw, MI



"Working with Hopevale Church was an incredibly positive experience, we know the importance of honoring the legacy of the previous Senior Pastor while also finding a candidate who could lead, teach, pastor, and administrate effectively. Through prayer and careful consideration, we were able to narrow down the search to one exceptional candidate, Josh Pardee. Josh's passion for improving and implementing plans for the church, along with his experience in previous roles, made him the perfect fit for Hopevale.  We are excited to see the Pardee family embark on this new adventure at Hopevale Church."


Hopevale Church Building

Hopevale Church has built its legacy on the commitment of 11 American Christian missionaries, who in 1943 took refuge during the Japanese invasion of the Philippines. They hid on Hopevale Mountain and were martyred on December 20, 1943. Hopevale Memorial Baptist Church was named in their honor.  


Today, Hopevale is a non-denominational church inviting people from all backgrounds to know and follow Jesus. Their church family is multigenerational, worship is contemporary, outreach is missional, and their ministry is shared by all.


Hopevale Church Praying for Former Senior PastorOpportunity

Hopevale Church was navigating a Senior pastor succession. The Senior Pastor transitioning out left Hopevale in need of a new Senior Pastor. Hopevale reached out to Vanderbloemen to help with the transition and to create a successful succession plan. 


Our Vice President of Consulting, Tim Gocha, visited Saginaw, Michigan to meet with the team at Hopevale Church, including Senior Pastor Dan Davis. When it comes to succession planning, it’s essential to make sure that the soon-to-be former Senior Pastor is remembered and honored for the legacy that they have created. Hopevale wanted a Senior Pastor that could excel in balancing responsibilities such as leading, teaching, pastoring, and administration, and would be relational with the Hopevale community and invest in future leaders. 


The ideal candidate for Senior Pastor at Hopevale Church would be a spiritually mature leader with a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ. This individual will provide spiritual leadership to fulfill the mission and vision, and effectively communicate the Word of God through a solid biblically-based preaching ministry. He will demonstrate strong leadership skills by collaboratively working with the Senior leadership, Staff, and Elder Board. The Senior Pastor will be a visionary leader and model of Christ-centered leadership for the congregation and the community.

Hopevale Church Service OutdoorSolution

After our VP of Consulting, Tim spent time in Michigan with Hopevale staff and elders to learn the church community, culture, needs, and requirements for this role, it was time to start the search. Our team began praying and searching for the Senior Pastor that fit the specific pastoral needs of their congregation. After interviewing over six amazing candidates, they were able to narrow it down to one candidate.


Pardee FamilyResult

We are happy to announce Josh Pardee as the new senior pastor of Hopevale Church! Josh got to spend some time with Hopevale Church getting to know the staff and congregation before making any decisions. Josh and his wife, Brady, felt at home at Hopevale, and the community quickly fell in love with the Pardee Family. 


Josh Pardee is always finding ways to improve things by implementing and creating plans for the church. Josh has experience running different campuses and gave vision direction in his previous role. Josh faithfully served as Associate Pastor and Youth Pastor in his time in ministry and is now stepping into becoming a Senior Pastor. 


Josh is grateful to the search team for being intentional with his family when visiting Hopevale Church. They felt so loved and cared for by everyone who helped in this process. Josh and Brady, along with their three children, are eagerly anticipating their move to Hopevale. They are excited to take on a new challenge and embark on a new adventure.


Hopevale Church Volunteer


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