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Wycliffe Bible Translators Canada Hires a New President







Calgary, AB




Wycliffe Bible Translator Canada ChildrenMeet Wycliffe Canada


Wycliffe Bible Translators Canada is committed to creating a world where translated Scriptures lead to transformed lives among people of all languages. Since the 80 years they have pursued this vision, they have built a team of 400 staff and volunteers serving in Canada and overseas. Wycliffe Canada is directly involved in Scripture-related activities for 289 language groups in 43 countries. They also partner with Canadians to fund 25 language projects around the world.


While tremendous progress has been made since Wycliffe’s beginning, it's estimated that more than 128 million people, speaking 1,680 languages, still need Scripture in the languages that serve them best. Much work remains— but Wycliffe’s ministry points to the possibility for Scripture translation for all those who still need it, in this generation.


Wycliffe Canada StudentsOpportunity

Wycliffe Canada was searching for a president to serve as the spiritual leader and mobilizer of their team. They needed someone to lead Wycliffe Canada with integrity, passion, wisdom, and honor. As a leader, the president would be responsible for overseeing and administering activities related to establishing a solid financial foundation, strategic direction, organizational vision, and more. A successful hire would ensure the sustainability of Wycliffe Canada’s mission of ending Bible poverty by facilitating the translation of God’s Word among minority language communities worldwide.


Wycliffe Canada’s team met with Senior Executive Search Consultant Jay Mitchell to find the best-qualified match. To fit the culture at Wycliffe, their ideal candidate would need to be a servant-leader, a visionary and innovator, and a strong communicator. The candidate would need vast experience in non-profits and ministries, particularly with team-building and leadership.


Wycliffe Canada Bible Translation


Throughout the search process, Jon ImBeau stood out as an outstanding candidate to become Wycliffe’s next president. Jon had recent experience as a Pastor of a church in British Colombia, an Executive Director at Awana Canada, and a senior VP at Awana USA. His personal mission is to live as a dedicated worker in the Kingdom of God, sharing the gospel and love of Jesus Christ in all that he does. His experience in ministry around the world has developed his heart for the global Church. Jon is a dedicated and purpose-driven worker whose expertise would serve Wycliffe’s needs well.


Wycliffe Canada Student ReadingResult

Jon ImBeau moved to Calgary and was hired as president of Wycliffe Canada. Jon fit right into Wycliffe’s culture, as a skilled shepherd, speaker, director, and vision-caster. His experience gave him the expertise needed to embrace his role as a facilitator of Wycliffe Canada’s growth and pursuit of their mission.


Wycliffe Canada AfricaBenefit

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