PODCAST | Is Everyone Happier Than Me? (feat. Sarah Braggs)

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In today’s podcast, Executive Search Consultant Kristin Fry talks with Sarah Bragg. Sarah is an author, podcaster, and communicator. 

Sarah Bragg talks about her book 'Is Everyone Happier Than Me?' They discuss the pressure to achieve and the fear of not being happy, the role of perfectionism as a defense mechanism, the importance of becoming emotionally literate, and the value of celebrating progress and setting realistic goals. Sarah also shares advice she would give to her 20-something self. Overall, the conversation provides insights and strategies for finding happiness and connection in life.

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More info about Sarah: https://www.sarahbragg.com/

Get Your Copy “Is Everyone Happier Than Me?” https://www.sarahbragg.com/books

Sarah’s Podcast “ Surviving Sarah” https://www.sarahbragg.com/survivingsarah

Follow Sarah on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sarahwbragg