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How A Church In London Is Defying Cultural Barriers with Pastor Mark Wiltshire & Vlad Ciolan [Podcast]

Posted by Maggie Richter on 7/25/17 7:00 AM

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The Vanderbloemen Leadership Podcast brings you interviews from leaders across the theological spectrum of the global Church. Our goal is to bring you thought-provoking interviews that encourage you, challenge you, and help you build, run, and keep great teams.

In today's episode of the Vanderbloemen Leadership Podcast, Holly talks with Pastor Mark Wiltshire and Vlad Ciolan of Bromley Christian Church in Bromley, London.



Pastor Mark Wiltshire is the Lead Pastor of Bromley Christian Church (BCC) in Bromley, London. He initially worked in the corporate world for various American and British firms, until hearing God's call to ministry in 2005. He has been serving in full-time pastoral ministry since then. 

Vlad Ciolan is the New People Co-ordinator at BCC. He began as an intern for BCC in 2014 and was hired as a full-time staff member one year later. His job is to oversee the team looking after new people and visitors to the church. Vlad's passion is to see all people worshipping God and functioning at the peak of their potential.

Mark and Vlad talk with Holly about:

  • How God used Mark's corporate background for ministry
  • The political climate's effect on reaching the community
  • How churches can respond to community crises
  • Best practices for measuring church growth
  • How to internally develop staff members

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Pastor Mark Wiltshire

Vlad Ciolan Vandercast.png

Vlad Ciolan

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Quotes from Mark & Vlad:

Churches bring stability in uncertainty. Tweet: Churches bring stability in uncertainty. http://bit.ly/2uGxZVl via @VanderbloemenSG #Vandercast

People are drawn to authenticity.Tweet: People are drawn to authenticity. http://bit.ly/2uGxZVl via @VanderbloemenSG #Vandercast

Most people come to church because their friends invited them.Tweet: Most people come to church because their friends invited them. http://bit.ly/2uGxZVl via @VanderbloemenSG #Vandercast

You can't manufacture the presence of God. Tweet: You can't manufacture the presence of God. http://bit.ly/2uGxZVl via @VanderbloemenSG #Vandercast

Leaders are called to think where others don't think.Tweet: Leaders are called to think where others don't think. http://bit.ly/2uGxZVl via @VanderbloemenSG #Vandercast


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