The Most Important Part Of Your Ministry Resume


Resumes should be clear and concise, but they must also be compelling evidence; - evidence that you are a good investment.

Every hire in an organization is an investment of capital. And in the church world, that's capital that comes out of offering plates and widow's cupboards. Particularly in a lean economy, this makes every hire at the same time questionable and precious.

So how can your resume justify you as a good investment of precious resource? There's an old adage in management that says, "the best predictor of future performance is past performance."

"the best predictor of future performance is past performance."

Showing your prior successes will encourage interviewers to believe in your future success. It's almost a Jerry McGuire way of "showing me the money." Try incorporating the following into your resume, and it will become a competitive advantage for you:

      1. Show ways you have met or exceeded the expectations of your job.
      2. Show an initiative you started or helped lead
      3. Tell the results of your leadership
      4. Show something you did that you weren't asked to do.
      5. Show the ultimate profit margin in your church work.

When you show these things, you are essentially showing me the money. If you will remember that every hire is an investment, and show how you are a good investment, your resume will stand out, and may even be a difference maker in the hiring process.