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How To Demonstrate Effective, Spiritually Charged Leadership
Posted by Tim Gocha on 7/2/18 7:04 AM

The Importance Of Giving Transparent Feedback As A Leader

Too much is on the line for church leaders to fail to be transparent to staff. From a moral and ethical standpoint, the role of pastor mandates a duty to lead beyond the responsibilities of a “typical” businessman. One way this is accomplished is through clear and transparent communication. Too often, however, church leaders struggle with communicating feedback and taking steps toward conflict resolution.

Posted by Ben Homesley on 6/25/18 7:08 AM

Does Your Church Office Need A Redesign?

A recent Wall Street Journal article suggests that a new workplace concept involving first-come, first-serve group workstations – rather than personal desks or computers – is becoming more prevalent. This structure takes the debate of open concept offices vs. closed office spaces to a new level – and it’s a debate that won’t end anytime soon. As more research is done about the relationship between productivity, employee satisfaction, and office layouts, there is no one right answer. In fact, there is only one consistent answer: it depends. The biggest factor to take into account: your office culture.

If your church is considering modifying your existing office space, consider the benefits and drawbacks of different designs as they relate to your culture. Here are some suggestions to help you choose a design that will bring out the best in your church staff.

Posted by Ben Homesley on 6/4/18 7:18 AM

3 Reasons Every Church Needs a Solid Communications Department

The Senior Pastor or Worship Pastor are often clearly defined roles in church organizational structures. Their work is often the most visible – without a Worship Pastor on Sunday, you would surely notice if there were no music.

But what about a communications department? If you’re a small to mid-size church, you may not even have a communications department. If you do, you may not have a full grasp of what they do. You may even be undervaluing the important work they do behind the scenes to advance the mission of your church.

Here are three reasons every church needs a solid communications department:

Posted by Meredith Mohr on 4/26/18 7:07 AM

5 Questions That Will Define Your Church’s Identity

Posted by Pushpay on 4/16/18 7:00 AM

Paid, Volunteer, Or Both? Best Practices For Managing Your Worship Team

The topic of paid versus volunteer musicians has always been highly debated among the worship community. While most churches deal with this decision at some point, there is no tried-and-true guideline for church leaders to follow. Often, it depends on the context of your church, your ministry philosophy, budget, and sometimes, your access to quality musicians. So where should you start?

Posted by Vanderbloemen Search Group on 4/11/18 7:00 AM

3 Keys To Building The Leaders Of Tomorrow

Generational leadership is a big part of the Church. Leaders with experience should always be looking for opportunities to reach back and share with the generations coming up after them. This is the easiest way to develop the next generation of leaders while pouring into the future of the local church and the Kingdom.

Here are 3 of the most important principles to remember when training up the next generation of leaders for your church.

Posted by David Fantin on 4/4/18 7:00 AM

10 Things To Consider As Your Church Grows

We have the privilege of working with many thriving and growing churches on a daily basis. Every week, we hear stories from across the country of the Kingdom work being done in thriving churches. If your church is finding itself in a season of growth, you know better than anyone that it’s an exciting (and chaotic) time! There are many things for church leaders to consider and implement to support that growth in the future.

Posted by Vanderbloemen Search Group on 3/29/18 7:00 AM

6 Creative Ways To Serve In The Church

When I joined my church a few years back, there were less than 100 people on a typical Sunday gathering. When I joined the staff as an associate pastor, we were up to about 300 and growing quickly. It was a season of all kinds of transition. We frantically sought out new spaces to meet as we had clearly outgrown the art gallery / community space we started in. As we added to the staff, divided up ministry responsibilities, and things kept growing.

Posted by Rusty Gates on 3/26/18 7:00 AM

What Staff Culture Is (And What It Isn’t)

Culture is a big buzzword right now, but many staff teams are still unaware of what it really means. So what is culture exactly? 

Posted by Kendal Drinkwine on 3/22/18 7:00 AM

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