VanderUnicorn Spotlight: Will Klotz Anticipates

Will Klotz - Anticipator

With over 30,000 interviews to our name, Vanderbloemen has mastered the art of identifying the best. It comes down to 12 data-driven traits that set the greatest workers apart as “Unicorns.” These traits are covered in-depth in William Vanderbloemen’s new book Be the Unicorn. 

But even the best of the best aren’t expected to master all 12 traits simultaneously. Excellence in just one of these traits can qualify a candidate for a vital role on your team. We believe each member of our team of experts exemplifies these traits in various ways, and we’ve chosen one person to highlight how each trait translates in the workplace.

Meet our Anticipator VanderUnicorn, Will Klotz

The fifth unicorn trait is the ability to anticipate. In Be the Unicorn, The Anticipator is the one on the team who can foresee the company’s needs before they become emergencies. Like a great chess player, they think several moves ahead when making decisions.

Senior Client Relations Manager Will Klotz stands out as Vanderbloemen’s greatest Anticipator. He has confidence about something that most people fear: the future.

“Of all the things people fear, anxiety about the future is at the top of the list,” Will says. “Having some degree of confidence about where things are headed rallies people around you and gives you a sense of calm and peace.”

That steadiness draws people to Will, but it also gives him a competitive edge. More than a stable friend, The Anticipator plays a stabilizing role on a team. Will’s ability to skillfully anticipate what lies ahead allows him to prepare in the present. As long as a team has key anticipators like Will, the future is a bit less intimidating.

“Those plans you are preparing right now will set you apart from the competition when the future you anticipated arrives,” Will says. “Most people are caught up in the business and chaos of today with little thought toward the future.”

Watch the trends and study the history

The key in developing this skill is to look at the trends — history repeats itself. Will says he’s reminded of Ecclesiastes, where Solomon said, “There is nothing new under the sun.” The business application is simple — If you know where you’ve been, you can probably see what’s coming.

With history in mind, ask yourself critical questions about your team and organization. “What is healthy and strong right now that needs to be nurtured?” “What is unhealthy or unfruitful that needs to be nipped at the bud before it grows into a bigger issue?” The goal is to be someone who recognizes early signs of growth or weaknesses and acts on them.

Likewise, in Proverbs 6:6-9, the ant is commended for its hard work in anticipation of the winter. You can imagine the devastation for the colony during the cold and scarce winter without the hard work during the summer. Without anticipators, your team will freeze at the sight of misfortune. Luckily for Vanderbloemen, we have anticipators like Will looking out for our colony and yours. 

Find your unicorn

We’re so blessed to have unicorns on our team like Will, and we want to equip your team with candidates just like him. To start the search for your own top talent, get in touch today.

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