Pastor Devotional | When God Says Go, Don't Say No

During the busy Christmas season, we here at Vanderbloemen are taking the time over the next few weeks to share devotionals from just a few of the incredible pastors we have had the honor of placing through the Vanderbloemen search process. Since you, as a ministry leader, may be completely inundated with Christmas messages right now, we decided to ask these leaders to simply share a bit about how God has been encouraging them as a leader recently. 

To start us out, Pastor Jarrett Stephens of Champion Forest Baptist Church shares his insights on the importance of enthusiastically, immediately, obediently saying “yes” to God. He walks through two stories of Phillip’s ministry in Acts and how his instant obedience to God’s direction leads to lives being changed. 

Don’t harden your heart to the voice of God. Keep yourself open to the direction of God so that he can use you to further the Kingdom! 

Looking for more insights from Pastor Stephens? You can find him on Twitter and Instagram, and you can learn more about his placement at Champion Forest here.grow your team