Calvary Baptist Church Hires Senior Pastor

Calvary Baptist Announcement

WINSTON - SALEM, North Carolina - Calvary Baptist Church in Winston - Salem, North Carolina has expanded its leadership team by appointing Will Toburen as their new Senior Pastor. Calvary Baptist is a church body of diverse backgrounds and life experiences connected by a common love for Jesus Christ. Together, they worship God and connect others to a life with Christ.

“We’d spent about a year without even having a search team. The church was adrift and needed guidance. I don’t think there’s anyone else that’s close [to Vanderbloemen].” says Alan Cole, Calvary Baptist Church, about working alongside Vanderbloemen through this search.

Will’s goal is to serve Christ as the Lead Pastor of a gospel-centered and biblically faithful local church like Calvary. Will has a deep love for the people of Calvary and a strong desire to see the church thrive and flourish. Over the years, Calvary Baptist has played an instrumental role in his life as the place that he started his faith journey and served at. His affections for the Winston - Salem area run deep, and he is eager to serve in this role.

Tim Gocha, Director of Executive Search shared, “I’m very pleased that Will made the decision to “come home” to Calvary Baptist Church. Will brings with him a deep knowledge of Calvary’s past, an understanding of the present challenges, and a clear vision of a preferred future. I’m confident that with God’s blessing and Will’s leadership, some of the best ministry days are ahead for Calvary.”

Will has over 20 years of ministry experience and will be a huge asset to the leadership and community of Winston - Salem. His wife of over 25 years, Julie, and 4 children are eager to continue serving in this area they call home. This role will encompass his many strengths and benefit from his experience and knowledge of the church body. Will longs to see Calvary be a church that reaches the lost and makes disciples. We are honored to have worked with Calvary Baptist on this search and are thrilled to see how Will excels as the Lead Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church.


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