Crosspoint Church Hires Student Pastor


What does Ring the Bell mean? At Vanderbloemen, we want to celebrate as a team every time we have the honor of helping a church, school, or organization find their perfect candidate to fill a gap in their team and further their ministry. To do that, we have a bell on the wall in our Vanderbloemen office, within hearing distance of the entire team. Every time a candidate is placed, the team members who worked on that search ring the bell so that our team can celebrate!

Ring the bell! Crosspoint Church found their new Student Pastor.

Crosspoint Church has a rich history dating back to 1928. Today, it is part of The CityRise Network, a community of campuses, organizations, and individuals united in their mission to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and make a positive impact on the world. For nearly a century, Crosspoint Church has maintained its own unique identity while partnering with others to serve the surrounding community and beyond. Through evangelism, impactful ministries, and messages of hope, the church has made a lasting impression on the city of Houston and people all over the world.

During our meeting with Crosspoint Church, we learned that they were in need of a new Student Pastor to oversee and enhance their youth ministry, activities, and programs. Our search for a candidate who could create a unified student ministry across all campuses led us to Greyson Landrum, who we believe is the ideal match for the position.

Greyson Landrum is skilled in guiding young individuals in Bible-centered pursuits while serving as their mentor. He has helped children navigate faith-related challenges, instructed them on how to devote themselves to the Lord wholeheartedly, and demonstrated how to share their beliefs with others. Greyson is an enthusiastic, compassionate, versatile, and innovative leader. With these attributes, we are confident that he will excel as a Student Pastor at Crosspoint Church.

Greyson has completed his residency for Kids Ministry in Houston and is now shifting to a new role as the Student Pastor at Crosspoint Church, which is located just down the road. We have complete confidence in Greyson's leadership and are excited about the future of the next generation under his guidance.

If your church is struggling to find the right person to support your mission, we are here to help you find the perfect match. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us for assistance in filling a role that aligns with your mission. Contact us today to get started.