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As competition floods the job market with people who were laid off during the COVID-19 pandemic and others who chose to leave their positions due to burnout, it can be tough to find the needle-in-the-haystack applicant who’s the perfect fit for your team. One way to ensure you’re getting the strongest candidates is to allow a third party to manage the process while you stay focused on pursuing your mission.

But how do you know which search firm is right for your needs? While we can’t speak for all boutique firms, here are 4 reasons from our first-hand experience that a boutique firm will save you time and ensure your next hire is the best fit.

Jon Ritner Post-Christian Culture Podcast

How can we adapt our church culture from being centered around Sunday morning sermons to a more communal experience with a disciple-making structure? Check out our latest podcast episode for advice from Jon Ritner who has decades of international ministry experience.

blog | finding yourself in a surprise succession
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Need to know the best way to navigate a surprise succession? Here you'll find our latest blog with key lessons learned from pastors who have faced succession due to unforeseen circumstances and scandal.

megametro pastor's conference | april 25-28
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Join William Vanderbloemen for a three day pastor's conference where ministry leaders from across the nation will gather together at the Watercolor Inn & Resort in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. Sign up for this oppurtunity here.


New Searches:


St. Marks Community Church

Location: Burlington, North Carolina

Weekly Attendance: 1,486


Senior Pastor→

Grace Church San Diego

Location: San Diego, California

Weekly Attendance: 950


College and Young Adults Pastor→

Ingleside Baptist Church

Location: Macon, Georgia

Weekly Attendance: 2,000


First Baptist Church of Eugene

Location: Eugene, Oregon

Weekly Attendance: 1,200


Minister of Music→

First Baptist Church Tallahassee

Location: Tallahassee, Florida

Weekly Attendance: 625


Youth Leader/Pastor→

Redemption Church

Location: Knoxville, Tennessee

Weekly Attendance: 1500


 Campus Pastor

Engedi Church

Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Weekly Attendance: 200



Children's Director→

LeaveAMark Church

Location: Columbus, Ohio

Enrollment: 800


Google AdWords Specialist→

Mariners Church

Location: Irvine, California

Weekly Attendance: 13,000


Weekday Preschool Director→

Community of Faith

Location: Cypress, Texas

Weekly Attendance: 4,000