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Making one hire does not create a diverse environment on its own. While your first diverse hire is an important step, there is more that needs to be done to ensure a lasting culture of diversity in your organization.

Our strategic partner, Sam Collier is passionate about helping churches and Christian organizations create an environment that lives out diversity initiatives rather than just valuing the idea of developing a diverse staff. Sam shared some tips for how you can play a role to continue the diversity efforts at your organization.

BLOG | Why Churches Continue To Be Optimistic In Times Of Uncertainty

Warren  & William Uncertainty

Despite the ongoing uncertainty of 2020, churches have remained optimistic. We break down the 3 reasons optimism is outweighing uncertainty according to Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability's recent survey.

PODCAST | One Factor That Influences Who You Hire With William Vanderbloemen

Copy of Diversity Readiness Checklist (2)

Our founder and CEO, William Vanderbloemen talks with BELAY on The One Next Step Podcast about the one factor that should influence who you hire and why agility is the key to hiring over the next few months.

BLOG | William Vanderbloemen: Early Christmas During Coronavirus? This Is Why I'm Not
William - Fox Article

Have you noticed that Christmas decorations are already up? Whether it's reuniting with family or leaning into the joy the holidays bring, Willam Vanderbloemen shares why many people are finding a glimpse of hope by starting their holiday festivities early.


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Grace Bible Church

Location: Dallas, Texas

Weekly Attendance: 800


Senior Pastor→

Mayflower Congregational Church

Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Weekly Attendance: 200+


Lead Pastor→

Trinity Church Wayzata

Location: Wayzata, Minnesota

Weekly Attendance: 30-40



Youth For Christ

Location: Englewood, Colorado 


NextGen Director→

New Life Church

Location: Decatur, Georgia

Weekly Attendance: 1,500


Director of Operations→

Next Level Church

Location: Fort Myers, Florida

Weekly Attendance: 2,500


Assistant Director →

Rockland 21C

Location: West Nyack, New York


Student Pastor→

Westside Church

Location: Omaha, Nebraska

Weekly Attendance: 2,000


Student Ministries Pastor →

Christ Fellowship Church

Location: McKinney, Texas

Weekly Attendance: 1,800


Children's Pastor →

Bellerose Assembly of God/Next City Church

Location: Bellerose, New York

Weekly Attendance: 750