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Compensation is the largest stewardship decision a Christian leader makes for your organization. For churches, 45 to 60% of your operating budget is made up of Compensation (Salary/Hourly + Benefits). As you begin compensation planning this year, we’re looking to help you consider the areas where you can make a meaningful impact by offering benefits to your employees that allow them to reduce their out-of-pocket on necessary expenses.

For you to attract the best candidates for your organization, you need a competitive compensation package. Learn why benefits drive engagement more than base pay.

We have a database of over 5,500 salaries to provide you with salary comparisons by your zip code for cost of living adjusted reports. Connect with our team or check out this page to learn more.

As pastors face one of the most uncertain and challenging times, it’s important they feel supported and appreciated to help them into the next season of leadership. Here's the best way to compensate your hard-working pastor in a year like no other.

How Benefits Drive Engagement More Than Base Pay


BLOG | Why Communication Strategy Is Critical To The Future Of The Church

Communications Strategy

VP, Holly Tate sat down with Ryan Wakefield, the founder of Church Marketing University, to discuss the church communications role. Read this blog for help navigating the shift from “normal” to hyper-localized ministry.

PODCAST | How To Serve Students In Christian Higher EducationDr. Dockery Podcast

Dr. David Dockery, founding President of the International Alliance for Christian Education, shares how educators can lead, serve, and communicate well through crisis. He provides tangible ideas to benefit students and provide community in a time of isolation.

WEBINAR | Evaluating Compensation & Benefits For Christian Organizations VB Webinar Graphic

Join us for a free webinar on Wednesday, October 7 at 12 pm CT for a discussion on how to effectively evaluate employee compensation and benefits as a Christian organization.


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Champion Forest Baptist Church

Location: Houston, Texas

Weekly Attendance: 8,000

First Christian Church

Location: Nevada, Missouri

Weekly Attendance: 125

Lead Pastor→

Ustick Baptist Church

Location: Boise, Idaho

Weekly Attendance: 400+

I-90 Community Church

Location: Issaquah, Washington

Weekly Attendance: 130

The Journey

Location: Newark, Delaware

Weekly Attendance: 2,400

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Potential Church

Location: Pensacola, Florida

Weekly Attendance: 65+

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Grace Church

Location: Orlando, Florida

Weekly Attendance: 2,240

The Ridge

Location: Columbus, Indiana

Weekly Attendance: 1,200

Central Community Church

Location: Wichita, Kansas

Weekly Attendance: 1,600+

Palmcroft Church

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Weekly Attendance: 2,100