Why It's Worth Looking Outside Your Network For Your Next Hire

Paul’s illustration in 1 Corinthians 12 reminds us of how each of our unique gifts come together to form a complete body. The kingdom of God encompasses a diverse range of perspectives, but at the end of the day, all of our talents and goals lead back to Christ. We believe the unique perspectives found across varying theological stances ultimately help further the Kingdom in the specific purpose each ministry is called to. While theological fit amongst your staff is critical to your organization’s success, we’ve seen ministries that have incredible growth when they add someone with an outside perspective to their team. Here’s why it might be worth looking outside your network for your next hire.

  1. We Are Brothers And Sisters. Whether or not we completely believe and adhere to someone else’s theology, as followers of Christ we are all brothers and sisters created in the same image. Above all else, our calling in ministry is to love others. Working alongside Christians who see things a bit differently than we do can actually benefit our ministries by showing us a fresh perspective, introducing a new gift or talent to your staff, and creating space for improvement. At a first glance, differences in perspective can appear to be a roadblock for success, but success doesn’t come from one type of person, strength, or idea; it comes from a body of believers using their unique talents to spur each other on toward one goal. Although our theology and perspectives differ, we share the same end goal and the same God. 

  2. We Are Diverse And Need Each Other To Reach The Lost. The differences among Christians allow us to be diverse in our perspectives and experiences. While we might not always agree, we can still value what other believers bring to the table. Having diverse opinions and perspectives helps us reach out to a diverse world. We are called to use our unique struggles, gifts, and experiences to spur each other on. To most effectively minister, we need each other’s strengths.

  3. Representing a Variety of Perspectives, Helps us Better Reflect Jesus. Having a variety of perspectives helps us better understand God’s truth. We all serve the same God and can learn more about Him by listening to what He has revealed to others. As we begin to understand God’s truth more wholly, we are able to know Him deeper and share more of Him with the world.

While hiring someone outside of your network is not the right move for every hire or every ministry, we have seen incredible success in churches who have felt that a new perspective was the right move. In 2016, we worked with Tri County Church of God to find their new Lead Pastor after theirs tragically passed. In the midst of this difficult transition, Tri County was steadfast in their desire to hire only who God was calling to their church in that season. They ended up hiring Chris Trethewey, who didn’t come from the same theological background but turned out to be exactly the person they needed in that time and still today. This story, along with dozens of others we’ve played a role in, reminds us that God often has plans for us that bring us out of our comfort zones and challenges us to think, act, and receive Him in new ways. 

We Love The Whole Church

2020 brought a lot of change to how ministries operate, and with that has come organizational restructures and the need to create new roles to achieve ministry goals. As you consider hiring in this season, we’d love to walk through the process with you. One of the values that separates us from other search firms is that we love the whole church. 

We’ve worked with 50+ denominations across the theological spectrum, and there is no Christian organization too small or too big for us. In 2020, 47% of our work was serving churches under 1,000 in attendance. Serving the Kingdom is the heartbeat of our organization and what drives our work each day. Our desire is to provide comprehensive people solutions to the Church so that it can fulfill its greatest potential here on Earth.

Every Christian organization is unique, especially when it comes to theology. We’ve worked with churches and organizations around the world and have become known for the ability to dissect a Christian organization’s theological nuances in an effort to understand their heart. Understanding the theological DNA of your organization is so critical to us that we intentionally hire full-time Executive Search Consultants who were in Christian leadership across the Protestant theological spectrum from Presbyterian to Assembly of God, from Baptist to Methodist, from Acts29 to Nazarene.

We're so passionate about our team understanding theology that we invest extensive time and money into theologically training our staff. We have monthly theology gatherings where our entire staff meets to study a theological topic or denomination. We do a deep dive of how it influences our work in helping Christian organizations find their key staff. 

Complementarian or egalitarian? Reformed or Armenian? General Baptist or Southern Baptist? PCUSA or PCA? We'll get to know your theology on a nuclear level. Connect with our team to get started finding the right next hire for your staff.

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