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How To Positively Influence Your Staff Culture

Making an impact on culture can seem like a daunting task, especially when you are not a leader or in a place of authority. However, taking small steps to influence your work culture can be lead to an incredibly big impact in the long run. So how can you make a difference when you’re not in charge?

Start by asking yourself the five questions below.

Posted by Nicole Cochran on 12/11/17 8:29 AM

5 Ways To Approach An Upcoming Ministry Transition

As a search specialist at Vanderbloemen Search Group, I have the opportunity to regularly speak with pastors and leaders who are in the midst of some kind of transition. One of the most common transitions I see is church leaders sensing that their time in a particular ministry is coming to an end. This could be children’s ministry, youth ministry, or even outreach; regardless, they feel at peace with the closing of a certain season and are eager to jump into the next.

Through these conversations, I’ve seen some common trends among those who manage this transition well. If you find yourself sensing a transition ahead, below are five pieces of advice to approach it well.

Posted by Rusty Gates on 12/4/17 7:00 AM

Is Your Church Ready For Change?

Never before has the world changed as quickly as it is changing now. A decade ago, phone books, paper maps, and landline phones were still a valuable part of our lives 

No more.

Posted by Tobin Perry on 11/20/17 7:00 AM

How To Make Your Meetings More Effective

A question I like to ask during an interview is, “What is your least favorite aspect of your current role?” Often, the answer is “meetings!”

In the worst cases, meetings are considered a waste of time that prevent meaningful work from getting done. At best, they are considered a necessary evil during the work week.  However, collaboration and teamwork cannot be developed in isolation or with a lack of communication.

How can you begin to make your meetings an aspect of work that your team looks forward to rather than dreads?

Posted by Jay Mitchell on 11/16/17 7:00 AM

4 Ways To Grow Through Insecurity In Ministry

Serving in full-time ministry is uniquely challenging. While we often encounter similar difficulties as our congregation, there are certain challenges that seem to pop up more often for those in vocational ministry. Over time I came to discover these challenges surface no matter the size of the church or the position in which we serve. I think it is vital for the health of both us and the church that we learn how to handle them because sooner or later, we will face them.

Posted by Josh Lai on 10/30/17 7:00 AM

4 Leadership Mistakes That Are Driving Away Your Staff Members

Church staff members will leave their positions for many personal reasons. Maybe they're moving closer to aging parents, following their spouse's job change, choosing to stay at home with their children, or going back to school to continue their education. But the majority of reasons why ministry staff leave their jobs are under the control of the church and the lead staff. In fact, any element of your current workplace (your culture, environment, expectations, perceptions and growth opportunities) could be a factor that affects staff and their longevity in your church ministry.

Posted by Brian Dunks on 10/26/17 7:00 AM

How To Avoid "Transplant Shock" In Ministry

I don’t know much about plants (side note: I may have killed a succulent, which apparently, is the easiest thing to keep alive), but I was reading up about “transplant shock” and found it surprisingly relatable to how we sometimes react to a change in environment or circumstance. One piece I read noted that, “transplant shock” isn’t necessarily the result of damaging the plant when moving it from one place to the other. Rather, it’s a direct result of a plant not being able to adapt fast enough to a sudden change of environment. 

Relocating, like change, is an inevitable part of life, especially for those in ministry. The whole process of moving, from discerning when to leave to supporting your family throughout the transition, is a lot to handle, but that’s only half of the battle.

Posted by Chelsea Tyson on 10/23/17 7:00 AM

How To Create A Work Environment That Says 'Yes'

How would your work and personal life be radically different if your default way of responding to something was in a spirit of yes?

Opportunity. What does it look like? Often, it looks like when someone asks you, “Can you do this?” In that moment, you have two choices. You can turn it down and say no, or you can say yes, even if you aren’t sure you can do it. Saying yes when you could say no creates a habit of cultivating an attitude of yes. You may not always be able to say yes, but you can always answer with an attitude that is naturally leaning towards positivity, growth and improvement.

Posted by Meredith Mohr on 10/16/17 7:00 AM

10 Things Your Pastor Needs You To Be

I have the privilege to talk to scores of young leaders. Many of them are just starting out in ministry and jumping onto the staff of a church. They come in with tons of energy and ambition and a desire to serve. I’ve been asked, “What does it take to be a great staff member?”

Posted by Tim Stevens on 10/12/17 7:00 AM

3 Things To Consider Before Hiring A Remote Employee

I’ve had the opportunity to work at Vanderbloemen as an Intern, a remote part-time employee, and now an in-house, full-time employee. While my roles have remained relatively consistent, the setting has varied quite a bit. I’ve concluded that this makes me the perfect guinea pig for a study on in-house vs. virtual employees.

Posted by Maggie Richter on 10/11/17 7:00 AM

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